Global Resorts Network with Dean Grzelak

by Dean Grzelak

First off, with the plethora of online business opportunities out there why should you choose Global Resorts Network (GRN)? Well simply stated GRN is a great company. GRN has a great product and GRN had an incomparable pay plan.

The Company: Global Resorts Network (GRN) has been around for over 20 years. The company is well seasoned and is not going anywhere. The internet marketing team is the newest addition to this mature and established company.

The Product: The product we represent as a Global Resorts Network affiliate is a luxury travel membership. This membership is my personal favorite piece of being a part of this company. The membership is something that is real and usable (not a waste of space product that a lot of other online companies promote). This is something that is worth every penny. This membership amazes me. The current registry holds over 5000 resorts (and is growing all the time) and these resorts cover 55 countries. With the membership there are never any additional fees or blackout dates and this is a lifetime membership. Visit this website for a video presentation that will expalin the membership:

The Pay Plan: The pay plan Global Resorts Network has designed is called Perpetual Leverage (fancy name for a fancy and very lucrative plan). The Perpetual Leverage pay plan had unlimited width, depth and unlimited legs to your structure. Now you can start to see how the big bucks are a possibility and relatively easy to attain too! You not only earn commissions on your sales, but you also earn commissions on the sales of your down line (I am serious here). If you need to see it for yourself, watch a video explaining this innovative pay plan I am talking about here:

Now that we have gone over the basics with Global Resorts Network, you might want to know why you should join my team.

By joining my team you’ll get unsurpassed support, always have direct 100% contact to me and how I’ve created my GRN business from the ground up and, have access to my groundbreaking quick start program.

A lot of the “big wigs” out there with Global Resorts promise to answer their phone and promise to be available to support there team allong with promising that just by joining their team you’ll have overnight success. The truth with these big wigs is that they simply no longer have the need or desire to coach their teams. And the harsh reality is that there really is no such thing as overnight success when it comes to developing a business.

This is where I come in to break that mold. I have made the decision to keep my team small so I can be 100% committed and available to you. I will be available to teach you hands every step of the way. Through my just released fast start program I will get you up and making money in no time. I not only teach you the ropes, but I remove those initial stumbling blocks and I get in there and do it for you. I will have a personally branded website up for you in just a few days. I will teach you how I did all this empowering you to start your own team. You see I care about my team today and years down the road. I want you to succeed!

Ok, so hopefully I’ve gotten your attention and perked yor interest enough for you to pick up the phone and call me. We can walk together throught the exciting and yes overwhelming start of your Global Resorts Network business. GRN is a life changing opportunity, you won’t regret the decison to join the team and get started, I promise.

My contact info is as follows: Phone: (916) 765-8302 Email: Website:

To your success, Dean Grzelak

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