How To Build An Income With Global Domains International

Most Global Domains International affiliates have no idea how to build an income with the company and work from home as they initially set out to do. Today we look at how you can do this effectively.

The harsh truth is over 85 percent of GDI affiliates fail to build any kind of income.

If you’re going to make the most of your business and avoid becoming another failure statistic you’ll enjoy reading today’s post as some of the world’s top sponsors compile a short to-do list of the important steps in making you the next world beating affiliate sponsor to hit the GDI scene.

Firstly you need to understand how to actually make money in GDI. The company provides you with an affiliate plan that contains incredible riches. Should you work hard enough to achieve them, that is.

To earn a living through your GDI and built the fabled ‘income for life’ you see on the website, it’s as simple as sharing your GDI business with others looking to become their own boss.

You earn these commissions every single time you grow your business. Also, they are residual. This means you get paid your commission each and every month. This makes GDI very powerful and very different to most businesses, as it allows you to get paid over and over again for ‘work’ you did just once.

You also earn a residual commission each and every time any member of your GDI downline builds their business, too, which opens GDI up to a whole new world of financial capability for you and your family. Think about it, find just a couple of real ‘go getters’ who are serious about working for themselves and your GDI commmissions are going to receive a huge boost each month automatically.

On top of your regular commissions each month you can also earn via GDI’s huge bonus concept. Bring in 5 new members to your business in the same week and you’ll receive a $100 thank you bonus from GDI. These bonuses are unlimited, so 10 new referrals nets you a $200 bonus and so on. The beauty of this is you can have a great week and bring in a $1000 bonus and then next week the bonus resets and you can go hit another one if you wish. Remember, you also receive all of your monthly commissions on top of this, too!

There are a few things to put in place before you join a company like Global Domains International. Most affiliates get nowhere, so today we’ll compile a quick list showing the top steps to take to ensure your success. [youtube:rUyYqzt3qtA;You can also see world leading sponsor Russ Howe give a video guide to [link:Global Domains International].;]

* Get yourself a good sponsor. Nobody can become your own boss for you, but having someone in your upline you know you can trust is vital to success in this business. A good sponsor will sell themselves through their personality, and won’t give false promises of easy riches.

* Get a marketing system. Make your GDI business as easy as possible to manage. The system which helped us to become the world’s number on GDI team, WS Affiliate Network, is free if you are part of the team and that automates a whole lot of your business for you by providing capture pages, autoresponders and training videos as well as much more.

* Most affiliates quit before they make any money, this is why over 85 percent of members in GDI fail. They have false ideas about it being a case of getting rich for doing nothing and false notions about how their upline will fill their downline for them. This is why it’s important to get a good sponsor, too, as they’ll tell you the facts. Work at your business long term. After all, you want to change the rest of your life.

These simple steps will help you to avoid the mistakes which so many affiliates make. Now that you’ve had a quick run through exactly what to expect from your Global Domains International business, take your time to get started and remember you can always reach us if you need us.

About the author: Russ Howe is a world leading Global Domains International affiliate, leading the biggest worldwide team. Enjoy your free guide to Join GDI now.

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