Is MOR Vacations Really Better Than Global Resorts Network

Better is in the eye of the beholder, or the marketer in most cases. There are only so many resorts and so many timeshare properties available to pull inventory from, MOR or Less MOR Vacations and Global Resorts Network are very similar in the product offering. From a pure resort perspective both MOR Vacations and GRN offer their members access to 5000 plus resorts. When you peel back the marketing noise surrounding both companies, there are some real differences however.

One of the most noticeable differences comes in the form of hotweeks. Global Resorts Network offers an overabundance of hotweeks in Asian markets such as Malaysia and Singapore. And this makes sense considering their travel service company was created in Asia and was only introduced to the US more recently for Global resorts Network. In contrast, the hotweeks offered by MOR Vacations appear to be almost solely based in the US, again this makes sense as well since the travel service company was founded in the US. For anyone in other parts of the world there are a few hotweeks here and there for various other countries but both companies lack in international hotweeks. From a pricing perspective MOR Vacations hotweeks begin at $149 and Global Resorts Network hotweeks begin at $298. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this change however because Global Resorts Network has been trying to copy as much as they can from MOR Vacations in a struggle to remain relevant. Simple math would dictate who wins here, $149 trumps $289 any time, so the hotweeks winner is MOR Vacations, unless you are interested in the Asian market savings, then in that case you would go with more expensive option.

The price, for many years Global Resorts Network has sold their lifetime membership for $3,000 which I think is a great price. But if you didn’t have $3,000 and wanted alternative options such as financing you couldn’t get it. That is where MOR Vacations differentiates itself. MOR vacations offers many financing options so that people are able to get purchase the membership they desire. And if you do have the full price you can get in for cheaper than what Global Resorts Network would cost you. Really the majority of people that buy timeshares and vacation memberships etc do so through financing so this was a large piece of the pie that Global Resorts Network has always left on the table. Once MOR vacations threw their hat in the arena and announced financing Global Resorts Network quickly announced their own financing option of $998 down and monthly payments off of the $3000. Good for Global Resorts Network for finally stepping up and offering something that many have been asking for for a long time. MOR Vacations still offers more financing options so people can get in for even cheaper than what they could at Global Resorts Network. I give the edge to MOR Vacations due to the fact that they offer MOR options, plus Global Resorts Network ignored the requests from their affiliates until competition finally arrived, so points get deducted for that. Another option Global Resorts Network offers is a 3 year Gold Membership for $1500, MOR vacations offers a 5 year Emerald membership for $1298 – this one is obvious MOR Vacations wins hands down.

The home business opportunity, the compelling home based business opportunity being offered by Global Resorts Network has made many people lots of money courtesy of the perpetual leverage pay plan. The true power of perpetual leverage is that people at the bottom can and do make more money than people at the top. Some of the complaints that were voiced about the compensation plan were geared towards the fact that people just getting into the business were not able to earn commissions on their first sale and someone coming in as a free affiliate would not earn for their first sales. The nature of the business is that many people make 1 or 2 sales and then can’t afford to stay in business because they haven’t earned any money coming in to fund their future advertising. Unfortunately this has been the case for many people with limited funds, they spend what little they have to line the pockets of their sponsor before they cant afford to stay in business. Now many conscientious sponsors would share their commissions to help their fund their downline, but many of the greedier sponsors out there would not. MOR Vacations utilizes perpetual leverage as well, but has made a few tweaks to assist newer members and has renamed their compensation plan true perpetual leverage. MOR Vacations has alleviated the issue of new affiliate commissions by making sure that every affiliate will make 50% commissions on their first sale and full commissions every sale beyond that. At the time of my writing this Global Resorts Network announced a change to their policy to do the same thing, but again it took a serious competitor to step in to make them finally listen to the requests of their affiliates. Another difference between the two is that MOR Vacations does not charge its affiliates a fee to be an affiliate, whereas Global resorts Network charges $100 a year. The edge here is glaringly apparent MOR Vacations again wins hands down.

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