Is Site Build It Right For Promoting Your MLM Business?

by Rocky Tapscott

Lots of people wonder if the Site Build system can help them to market an MLM program they are promoting.

From my experience both building my own sites and helping coaching students with theirs, there a huge amount of info inside the Site Build It resources area on INM (internet network marketing) that will be extremely helpful.

There are SBI sites which promote all sorts of MLM programs ranging from travel, gift cards and sports drinks to supplements and herbal tonics, and the Content – Traffic – Presell – Monetize process that Site Build It is all about works very well once for nearly all of them.

I know many network markters who have found that leading with the product is a much better way to go instead of chasing after the MLM crowd directly. This is because the majority of the adult population are never going to want to join your business, and there is so much hype in the MLM industry already they prefer to leave that all alone and quitely go about building their downlines.

By leading with product sales first, you ca help your downline to actually make money selling the product and building a warm relationship with the customer. Then you can go ahead and help them to show other people how to replicate what they have done. Most MLM programs focus on building the downline with selling the product quite often an afterthought. I think for most people, this can be a big mistake.

If you teach your downline how to sell the PRODUCT and then share the potential of the business with their customers in a no-pressure way, those who are interested will join up, while those who aren’t (the vast majority) and never will be won’t hate them for asking.

Building a relationship with your customers and then when the time is right asking them do they want to take a look at your business is a much easier way of doing it for everyone concerned (unless you want to go directly after the Multi Level Marketing crowd which is a very difficult way to go), and you don’t burn all your family and friends (and everybody within arms reach as well) along the way.

By recommending a product that actually helps your customer to solve a problem before you talk about the business, you are building a long-term relationship that can lead to much greater profits later on. Once you have this relationship built you can mention the business opportunity, and even then just in passing.

Those who are receptive to joining your MLM business will jump at the chance to promote a product that has had good results for them, while the rest of them won’t be offended that you asked them about it if you do it the right way.

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