Keyword Research in Internet Based Marketing

Keyword research is very commonplace among around the globe. Do you know that there is not a minute, an hour or a day that passes that some writer, somewhere is typing a particular keyword into one of the many online search engines, so they can choose from to find some idea of what they are writing about for their next article? Is this time well spent, doing a keyword research while working on a new article, especially when you know nothing or very little about an article topic? Yes and no. It can be very helpful when you have no idea of what to say about a topic.

However, there are consequences to doing keyword research which can slow down your progress. For instance you can get into a great deal of trouble and even lose a client if you make a practice of copying the work of someone else without their permission, which is plagiarism. Since there is so much plagiarism going on today, it is no wonder that clients insist on having quality content that is totally original.

Doing some keyword research before you begin writing an article may seem like a great idea, however, you must be very careful that you use no more than 3 words of the original text together in your own article. The reason for this is that the Copyscape program as well as several others will find these strings of words and then highlight the phrase as a suspect phrase. This means more work on your part as you will have to return and revise that particular part of your article, so that it is no longer the same as an original phrase. This can get to be a hassle if you do it often and can lose you the business of a good client. It can also categorize you with a bad reputation of plagiarism and lose you any prospects in the future for writing articles for someone else. You do not what to have to deal with such as this.

What about those times when you do keyword research when you are not writing an article for someone else and you want to get the hang of how it will work as well as what you can learn about doing keyword research? You can search until you are satisfied when you are not using the material you find in any sort of paper or article.

When you research for you own pleasure or for learning information and you have plans of using it for anyone else to read, such as the general public then you can search for anything you wish. Does this mean that you cannot copy any information from any online web page for your own information and print out the entire page? The answer is no. You can do so for your own reading pleasure.

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