Kiiera VIV has strong leadership, product, company

I was invited to attend a prelaunch meeting for Kiiera in Van Nuys CA. Jeff Breakey the master distributor called me up 2 weeks prior and told me he found a new company and product that I had to see. He promptly sent me more information on Kiiera and there only product VIV.

I must say I had never wanted anything to do with a juice company, and flat out hated binaries so I was initially very turned off by what Jeff was showing me. I finally took some time and reviewed the information he sent me. After reviewing every thing I must say i was very impressed.

The biggest problem with a binary is most people can not easily get into profit. This is what causes the high turnover rate with this kind of comp plan. Well Kiiera has taken this into consideration and has made their comp plan very friendly. There are 3 different kinds of bonuses available that help to get you in profit quickly. It is very easy for anyone to work up to $300 to $500 in monthly residual. A seasoned networker could achieve this in just a couple of weeks. It may take the novice a month or two to accomplish this. But that is pretty quick and this is a realistic timeframe.

This had me very excited because the power of a binary is in the residual commissions. Once you reach a monthly income it will normally stay there whether you are still working or not. So working hard here for 6 months and reaching a 10k a month residual would pay me that over and over again. Even if I quit working it.

During the 2 day event I was very impressed with all the people involved. I had great conversations with Peter Spiegel the owner of Sylmark and Kiirea. He was very excited, but not filled with a bunch of hype. Peter is a very down to earth guy and really has things in order here. He told me straight up if had to deliver 1 million units next moth he was ok with that. That was amazing to hear from a start up. But keep in mind this is not your startup. Sylmark has been selling and delivering product since 1999 so they know what they are doing.

Chris “The Medicine Hunter” was honestly amazing. I have never been so interested and intrigued by listening to someone. Chris had me hooked from the second he took the floor. His knowledge and belief in the product was simply amazing. There were a host of very good questions Chris took from the floor, all of them were great questions, Chris answered all of the in great detail, he even suggested various publications by date and month, which provided scientific proof in reference to the questions asked. No one asked any questions in which he could not provide an amazing answer to.

We actually had a chance to sample the product, VIV on Saturday. It was the only thing I drank, it had a very refreshing taste and no after taste. I found myself going back for more over and over again. I have tried every drink of this nature out there and none of them taste as good as VIV.

I also had a chance to meet Marvin Higbee who also was very down to earth and very knowledgeable. Marvin was the President of Life Force International, which was very successful, so he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to take Kiiera to the top.

While in CA I also had the opportunity to tour the corporate offices. This is a great way to get a feel for how strong a company is. You can’t hide things here. You can tell a lot from the staff. I can say I was very impressed with what I saw at the corporate offices. Everyone looked very happy to be there. Almost excited. I heard stories of people working 12 hours straight and getting up the next day to do it again and they were happy to be doing it. That’s how you know you have something great.

I must say this is the best combination of product, company, and management I have ever seen. I am proud to be a part of Kiiera.

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