MOR Vacations Can Save Your Health

Never before has this 20 year old travel membership been available online. MOR Vacations, the new marketing arm for this time tested and proven travel club has eliminated the need for expensive hotel meetings and high priced sales people and added affiliate program that is simply amazing.

The lifetime membership travel package offers members deep discounts at over 5400 destinations worldwide. Short notice vacation weeks, Hot Weeks, are available and start at just $149 for the whole family. Discounts on cruises, theme parks, hotel and motel stays and a lot more are included. This is truly a direct sales opportunity with an amazing product.

As an affiliate of MOR Vacations you get to participate in the Perpetual Leverage Pay Plan that pays out 75% on each and every sale. $500 to $1000 direct, immediate commissions with $500 to $1000 100% matching bonus going to the referring members sponsor. MOR vacations is all about MOR fun and MOR commissions to the distributor base and many six figure earners will be created in their first twelve months of MOR Vacations.

MOR Vacations has taken this amazing travel membership and brought it on-line. Members now have access to a web based portal that allows them to see exactly what’s available and book their vacations right over the internet. No longer is there a need for the costly catalogs that were mailed previously. The affiliate marketing program now builds the MOR Vacations membership by world of mouth advertising so there is no need for the expensive ball room seminars and high cost sales people. This has allowed MOR Vacations to drastically reduce the price of the product and create an incredible income opportunity at the same time.

MOR Vacations provides members with marketing sites with flash presentations that explain the product and the pay plan to prospective members. As an affiliate you will earn from $500 to $1000 on each referral and 100% matching bonuses of $500 to $1000 are paid to the referee’s sponsor on each sale made. This is called perpetual leverage and it is the most exciting aspect of MOR Vacations to many members. The ability to earn a six figure income from home in the first twelve months has never been more possible than now with MOR Vacations.

This time tested and proven product had already been purchased by over 100,000 happy and satisfied members before MOR Vacations was ever on the scene. And they did so without an income opportunity attached. They did so because the saw the real value of a product that would save them thousands and thousands of dollars on their vacations for the rest of their traveling days. The product is real. The opportunity to earn significant income from home is real and MOR Vacations is here for the long haul.

There are numerous work from home opportunities in the market place that are nothing more than glorified money games. The real test of a direct sales opportunity is whether or not people would actually purchase the product if there were not an income opportunity attached. That question has already been answered about MOR Vacations by over 100,000 happy and satisfied customers before MOR Vacations was ever on the scene. If you’re serious about earning six figures from home or more be sure and see what the MOR Vacations program can do for you and your family.

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