MOR Vacations Creating MOR Millionaires

Are you aware that millions of people have become financially free because of network marketing? Did you know that travel is a 7 trillion dollar industry? MOR Vacations has taken both of these concepts and combined them together to launch the most exciting home business of the new millennium and timing is everything if you want to grab your share of the pie.

MOR vacations has taken a 20 year old time tested and proven vacations savings package and pared it with an incredible perpetual leverage affiliate pay plan that can produce staggering incomes within a very short time period. The product will save travelers thousands of dollars at over 5400 resorts around the globe and it doesn’t stop there.

Imagine savings thousands on vacation and enjoying 3,4 and 5 bedroom homes and condos on the beaches and slopes of the world. Being able to go on cruises at steep discounts not available to the general public. Being sure you have the absolute best rate on your airfare. getting discounts at major theme parks throughout the US for life.

MOR Vacations is the premier travel package available today for the average family worldwide. The affiliate pay plan with MOR Vacations is nothing short of spectacular. $1000 commissions on each and every top level diamond package you refer and then 100% matching bonuses on each and every package your front line personals refer. It’s called perpetual leverage and it is ready to create millionaires.

This 100% matching bonus pay plan has people standing up and taking notice. Distributors from competing network marketing companies are aligning themselves with MOR Vacations right now and you can too.

Training and sales closing help is available to all who join MOR Vacations through Team Cutting Edge. You’ll have access via live webinars and recorded trainings to the top earners in the industry and be shown step by step how they make the big money in direct sales. Professionally designed marketing sites exclusive to Team Cutting Edge members are also available and the guidance you receive on Team Cutting Edge is unmatched in the industry.

MOR Vacations is just launching October 2008 and you don’t have to be told the advantages to getting involved in the very beginning. You have the opportunity to be one of the first in the world to share this incredible opportunity with others and reap the benefits of the perpetual leverage pay plan.

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