MOR Vacations: Don’t Say ‘No MOR!

Ever since MOR Vacations went on pre-launch last October 2008, there has been a phenomenal transformation redefining vacation and work! Because MOR Vacations doesn’t just give their members MOR, they give them the best offer that anyone has ever encountered! But what if there is no MOR Vacations?

Having no MOR Vacations means there is no one who’ll take care of different individuals who would have been having a relaxing afternoon in the beach, thanks to MOR Vacations. Instead of idyllic afternoons on the beach, these lovely people will be working their butts off to earn a living researching, in high-stress and backbreaking jobs: typing, deciding, and all the other brain-wrecking-stressful activities!

MOR Vacations revolutionizes the idea of working by integrating work with its most improbable companion, vacation! There will never be a better offer of having a fun-filled family outing or a vacation with your friends while at the same time earning money without a sweat.

It allows its members explore a new kind of business and enjoy themselves and a stress-free afternoon without worrying about exercising their decision-making powers because once they’ve joined the team, there will be no regrets all the way!

Team Cutting Edge offers trainings for all its MOR Vacations members to understand and learn more about the on-goings of the world of business – and not just learn: live it, enjoy it!

So don’t say ‘No MOR!’ and regret it later, join the team now and have MOR Vacations take care of you!

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