MOR Vacations Launched as Schedule on October 1, 2008

MOR Vacations launched on October 1, 2008 after 7 weeks in pre-launch. MOR Vacations is a brand new business opportunity that offers an outstanding travel membership that will save members untold amounts of money in their lifetime of travels. This business is now the fastest growing business on the Internet today.

MOR Vacations’ high value product is the key to its huge success. They offer the most outstanding travel membership giving members access to over 5,400 resorts around the world at discounted prices. The membership also includes discounts on cruises, car rentals, houseboat rentals, and much, much more. The amount of money one can save with this membership is immeasurable.

MOR Vacations has attracted motivated network marketers from all over the Internet who were quick to market this awesome travel membership. With a quality product like this and financing available, it’s not hard for marketers to make sales even in a depressed economy such as this. With just a small down payment, MOR members can immediately use their membership to book vacations and save on their entire trip.

MOR Vacations offers fabulous vacations for every budget. For those tight ones, MOR Vacations offers affordable local resorts that could be reached by car. For those who could take a vacation on short notice, the best deal for the entire week could go as low as $149. What a deal!

MOR Vacations offers an unbeatable travel membership and a highly lucrative business opportunity in one. Paying generous commissions of $1000 per sale plus $1000 in matching bonuses, and $250 in bonuses paid on every Diamond Executive membership sold, MOR Vacations sets new standard in the True Perpetual Leverage pay plan.

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