MOR Vacations: MOR Money

MOR Vacations is experiencing continuous expansion ever since its launching, last October 2008. People kept on signing up for the benefits being offered – that includes resorts, cruises, condos and hotels. Aside from the vacation privileges, different people are starting to explore the wonders of business in MOR Vacations because it gives them MOR, how?

Commission is the first point to be taken note of in MOR Vacations because they give its members a huge amount of commission that others don’t give. It’s around four digit commissions that go directly into their accounts through electronic transfer and not checks that takes time to come in.

If members are in need of financing, they can use it 100% and 0% interests rate – that’s borrowing money and paying it back without anything added to it! Even members with low FICO scores are given the opportunity to use this financing as long as their FIC score is over 449.

There is also the “True Perpetual Leverage Pay Plan” being used. It is the plan that keeps the money coming in if the sales kept on coming out!

There’s also a 75% pay from the top packages sold by you! That’s around $1,000 in commission without the matching bonus included which is also $1,000 plus the bonuses given for each package that you can sell which is worth $250! That’s a total of $2,250! You will also have monthly pays!

MOR Vacation doesn’t just give you MOR money, it gives you MOR and MOR and MOR and MOR money!

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