Move Over Monavie…There’s A New Sheriff In Town!

It’s true Monavie has experienced enormous success even with the short comings of a binary type pay plan however there’s a new development on the MLM front and Mandura is now ready to explode on the scene with it’s new and exciting pay plan.

With a launch date of October 2008 Mandura is a ground floor opportunity in the health conscious nutritional market and is offering people just like you the opportunity to earn a six figure income from home in a short period of time sharing this exciting news with others. You can live the lifestyle of your dreams and Mandura can show you the way.

The cost and risks of starting your own traditional type brick and mortar business usually comes with exorbitant cost and very high risk. There are no guarantees ion life and many try and fail losing thousands and thousands of dollars in the process. Mandura affords you the ability to get involved in an industry that has produced many millionaires and many of them got started for the cost of a starter kit and a case of product. You can get started with Mandura for just $30 and one case of product and if you decide later it’s not for you Mandura will refund your money.

Mandura has created a pay plan that actually favors the little people and makes sure they get paid for their efforts. You get paid on every sale you make as a Mandura distributor and there are no left or right legs to balance or matrices to fill to qualify for commissions. You can even reach the top level Presidential position with Mandura with only two personal sales.

In our current economy many people are looking for additional income streams to support their families. Network Marketing is the best way for the average American family to be in business for themselves and make a difference in their lives. Mandura is a chance to get involved with a proven business model at the very beginning. Opportunities like this don’t come around everyday and you owe it to yourself and your family to check out the Mandura way to health, wealth and prosperity.

Getting your own business started with Mandura is very simple. A refundable $30 for your starter kit and one case of delicious Mandura per month are all you need to stay active. Company websites are available to assist you in marketing Mandura around the country. Just invite others and share with them our amazing product and pay plan and watch the excitement and your business grow.

If improving your health and increasing your income is something you are interested in Mandura is your answer. Give yourself permissison to make the income you deserve and build a better life for you and your family. Give yourslef the time freedom you so rich deserve by taking advantage of the Mandura opportunity.

Why not work toward creating an additional income stream for yourself and your family by checking out the Mandura opportunity today. We’ll show you how to take back control of your life and start living. Learn how to gain more time freedom to do the things You want to do everyday instead of the things you have to do with Mandura.

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