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Every network marketer needs leads; and the quality of your network marketing leads makes a big difference in how successful your business becomes. You can find leads in many places, but finding the high quality leads which you really want can be a little harder to do. If you want to make it big, top quality leads are what you want – low quality leads are not much better than no leads at all.

So where can you get these top-notch network marketing leads? One of the easiest ways is by buying them. There are many MLM lead companies out there which can offer you the kind of high quality leads you need. There are different kinds of leads to choose from – from expensive real time leads and cheaper aged leads.

Once you have your leads, it all comes down to your approach. You need to carefully approach these leads if you want to maximize their potential. There are dos and don’ts to contacting leads. Keep reading to see some of the most important don’ts to avoid when contacting leads.

First of all, when you are dealing with mlm leads, it is important that you avoid addressing race, nationality, and gender. Stereo types can be very offensive to people and you need to avoid them. No one will accept your proposal if they feel that you are stereotyping them.

When contacting your network marketing leads, be sure to avoid using any gender, nationality and racial stereotypes. While this should really go without saying, most people find their use extremely offensive and will not want to speak too you should you use them. You’ll also have to give your leads your full attention when you contact them. Never take another call when speaking to a lead; you need to make them feel like they are valued and important to your business.

Don’t flaunt your wealth – while you do want to communicate to your leads that there is a lot of profit to be had with your program, don’t overdo it.

Of course on the other hand, if you are meeting face to face with your network marketing leads, you’ll want to avoid dressing too shabbily as well. You don’t want to show that you are not successful either. Dressing shabbily will make potential leads think twice before signing on with your opportunity.

So, it is definitely important that you use your network marketing leads wisely. Make sure that you treat your leads with care, whether you go with older leads or real time leads that are only seconds old. Once you purchase your leads from a top company, it’s up to you to make them work and provide you with profit for your home business.

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