Ready To Put An End To Cold Calling?

by Ralf Dooley

Are you looking for a way to end your cold calling days? Calling customers by telephone without knowing if they have any interest in what your selling is tough, your potential customers get frustrated at the invasion of their lives sometimes before you even announce what you have to offer!

When cold calling potential customers, you know nothing about them, or their level of interest in your product or service. Imagine recieving a phone call during lunch from a veteranarian offering a discount spay for your cat, but, You’ve never owned a cat in your life! This can be a waste of both your valuable time and the customers.

Your probably well aware that cold calling is outdated, but where else would you market your product? MLM leads! MLM leads offer you not only a substantial market base, but also more background on your customers such as their locations, and many times their personal interests as well!

There are plenty of internet-based companies that offer email leads for a nominal fee. Things to look for when checking out MLM emails lead are that the information you receive includes the personas name, email address, location, and possibly interests or other products they use frequently.

Beware of companies that only offer names and email addresses of customers, these are generally names collected without the persons knowledge! This will make it much more likely your email will just be deleted without a second thought on the customers part.

Some of the best leads available to you are MLM geneology leads. MLM geneology leads offer names and information of people who have shown previous interest in MLM and may have actually worked with MLM systems in the past! Isn’t this better than cold calling?

This is obviously your target audience, and you can also cut down on the costs and time of training people who are completely new to the industry. Since they already have the experience, they can start sooner than a new recruit. And who knows, they may even be able to teach you something new!

If youare ready to end cold calling, then the only place you need to turn is to MLM leads. You can expect a much better success rate because you know the leads are interested, and save yourself time and money by not wasting your days on the phone with complete strangers. Give it a shot, and youall be pleasantly surprised. What have you got to lose?

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