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Wecome to my Residual Wealth Blogging Blogs For Profit Marketing Tips 101 Scam or not review blog article. I’d like to discuss the possibilities of earning money with your internet marketing online blogs.

First of all it is not a scam. There are many people earning good incomes with their blogs. Blogs are very fun, highly educational, and very rewarding if you can make money off of blogs. Okay where do we start? First I highly recommend getting a good blogging program like Blogging for Money

Find a good blog hosting programs like wordpress,blogger,etc. There are many excellent blog sites where the training is easy to set up. You can have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

Now pick a topic you are familiar with or enjoy. Let’s use Golf as an example. put topics,tips,and news related to golfing on your blog. Keep it fresh add new material often to keep your bloggers coming back.

Put adsense ads on the blog. Very easy to do and it is a nice extra source of income. It’s free to use and many people have found great success with adsense ads. Google fits them to your blog. I think this is so cool! They will put golf ads on your site more than likely.

Affliate ads are another possible source of income for your blog. I like commission junction. It’s free and there are 1000’s of banner ads, links, and text ads from merchants. There are several for golf alone. So you would put golfing affiliate ads on your blog.

These are the very basics but I have a incredible blogging software program that does this for you. It has 50 Niche WordPress Blog Themes! 30 Amazing Niche WordPress Blog Designs! Get Indexed In The Major Search Engines. Fast With The Software You’ll Receive! Make Instant Cash From Every Person Who Visits Your Blog With This New Software! Blogging 101 From Starting Your New Blog To Becoming A SuperStar! Go to Get this Blogging for Money Programand start making money blogging.

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