Should You Sell Or Market Your MLM Business?

If you want to be successful in network marketing, you have to learn to market. You must stop selling. To market, you don’t have to try to convince anybody about how good your products are or move about with those products, instead, you slowly build interest and get the prospect to trust your judgment as well as tell you what he needs before you can supply the product to him.

Marketing on the Internet also means gradually leading a prospects slowly through a series of follow up autoresponder emails designed towards building a relationship with him while mildly advertising a product to him. However, to help him appreciate this, you need to let him understand why he needs the product. This will help you to connect with the prospect psychologically and help him desire your product before you present it.

Most accomplished network marketers of our time have realized this and have used it to build mammoth sized network downlines with the aid of the Internet. They do this by developing marketing funnels that are Internet based and use it as a means to recruit people while building a relationship simultaneously.

When this is effectively done, your prospects are thankful to you that you are interested in their welfare and they patronize you out of a true need and also because they see you as a trusted online friend who has great tips for them.

Happily, shy people who are into Internet network marketing are becoming super successful while their contemporaries who are not using the Internet are busy attending seminars, making cold calls, and prospecting to everyone they see within three feet.

Methods that have proved ineffective and should be discarded. These networkers are doing all this simply because they don’t know any better.

By the time you understand that using the Internet to market your network marketing will give it a great lift, then you would have left 99% of those network marketers who are not using technology to build their business in this very lucrative industry.

Now that you have the Knowledge about the differences between marketing and selling in network marketing and how this can be integrated with the Internet to make a successful network marketing business, do you have any reason not to start using it today?

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