Solavei Assessment – Leadership Group, Vision, and Financial Backing

Looking to Join Solavei Wireless? This review will help you determine whether or not it makes sense for you to join as a Social Member to where you get paid for referrals, or simply become a customer and save money on your wireless phone bill. Also in the Solavei review, I will give you the summarized view of what it is, who the leaders are, their vision,their marketing, current products offered from Solavei wireless, and how you can make money with it if building a secondary income is of interest to you.

Solavei is creating a community of Social Commerce. The mission is “to make commerce less expensive for consumers”.

For Starters I will simply say their advertising is some of the very best I have seen in the Direct Selling industry. The back workplace and tools they provide to distributors are really outstanding. The challenge for 95% of MLM distributors is they hate sales, and they hate becoming sold. They’ve put out a six minute video to send to prospects that ought to do the majority of the work for their distributors, without having to do any hard selling. Play The Video Below to Watch The six Minute Overview Presentation of Solavei; Presented from the founder and CEO Ryan Wuerch. I also have a Review Video that I created according to my experience on you tube.

The Founder and CEO Ryan Wuerch, together with top executives from a few of the most respected U.S. businesses (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Walmart, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Target, Louis Vitton, Sprint, AOL, US Congressman, FCC Board Member, among others), is launching an organization that could revolutionize the mobile telephone industry. Learn More About the Solavei Leadership team Here. Solavei will be the first Social Advertising and Commerce Company, innovating a new way of providing mobile phone service once it launches in September 2012.

Momentum is building as key executives, advisory board members, investors, and Fortune 50 companies align with Solavei’s vision. When there is a common theme about Solavei, its this: “Finally, a wireless company that enables me to receive referrals to lower my monthly cost as a consumer” The organization has already received a financial commitment of over $20MM in funding at a valuation of over $120MM, which is greater than the second round of funding for both Google and Facebook. You have to wonder why high level Executives would go away their positions to participate in the Solavei Management Team if it wasn’t a solid company?

Want to learn more about Solavei. Stop by this Solavei Saving’s blog site where you can find out all about signing up for the Solavie Service and what it can do for you.

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