This Is Truly For Beginners – Secret Pays

by Colon R. Bolden

I’m telling you that this is a 1 up program but this is the best 1 up program on the internet because of the compensation plan. I dont care what nobody say but if you’re having a hard time making money online, the secret pays business is the greatest opportunity to start with.

I understand there are a lot of 1 up programs appearing on the internet as home business opportunities, but the difference with this program is the one time fee you have to pay. After this you are ensured an on going flow of residual income for all its members that can bring in new prospects at a steady pace.

Here is where you start the snowball effect and begin creating your financial freedom. When you refer your first member, this counts as your first sale. Your sponsor get $100 moves through his hands Instantly and Directly. This is your qualifying sale. From this point on you are qualified to have instant and direct $100 payments move through your hands forever!

Not bad for one time investment, but it gets even better! After your qualifier, for each and every sale you generate, you will have $100 instantly and directly move through your hands! As each of your personal referrals make their first sale you get $100 instantly and directly moving through your hands.

This creates a whole new level of affiliates and guess what? Each of their first sales result in even more $100 payments move directly through your hands. You are now in control of your own destiny and its profits all the way!

There is no limit to the personal powerlines you can start! This system carriers on down infinite levels to each and everyone of your personal powerlines! This means you can build a team infinitely wide and infinitely deep all moving more and more $100 bills through your hands. It never ends…

In fact, from just 2 sales (1 Qualifier and 1 Personal Powerline) you could be receiving $100 payments instantly and directly through your hands forever. And remember, after you’ve qualified every new member you sponsor and every qualifying sale in any of your powerline pays you instantly and directly using Alert Pay, Safe Pay and Egold. This company never handles your money.

This 1 up to infinity pay plan outperforms all others structures including boards and matrixes! It is mathematically superior to any other pay plan on the planet because it get you to the cash faster. The money passing through your hands could explode!! And keep in mind this happen automatically, with very little effort on your part! Do you understand why this could the most powerful money making program ever created.

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