Ways To Choose a Website To Earn on Internet.

There are lots of methods available to make money on the internet. The owning and developing of a good quality “how to website” which gives good value to the reader, both in information and products, should be very high on the list for anyone wanting to earn on the internet.

In this article I will take you through the various options available to you owning your own site, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that are present.

Create and build your own website.

If you have some experience in this area, great. If not, there are free website making tools available to build your own website for those of you who want to take on the challenge.

You could hire someone to create the website for you. But this could be a very expensive exercise.

Thirdly and also the easiest option would be to make use of the many mass produced, free, paid or subscription based websites available. Let’s have a closer look at these options

1. Free Websites

There are literally thousands of Free websites for you to choose from. Do a search for “free website”, and you will see what I mean. Which is exactly the main disadvantage. You will need to compete with all of them to try and scratch out a living.

Now you may well ask. Why are they free?. Well, you usually become a subscriber on the list of the website creator (very often this is a condition). Then you receive tons of sales emails about products and services promising some or other “secret” to instant riches. Enough said.

2. Paid Websites

Paid Websites, are usually of a better quality and of a higher standard then the free sites.

Although most of them are one-page sites, they do offer some value to the visitor. But they all have the same disadvantage. There are thousands of them. In many cases, you can also earn commission by selling these sites to other investors like you.

Let’s have a closer look at this scenario. You have bought the site. Now you will have to compete with all the other identical sites to get some traffic (customers) to your site. To do this, you would need to make use of paid traffic which in itself could be very costly. But lets say you sell some of these websites. More competition! Get the picture.? It is easy to see that the only winner in this situation is the website creator.

3. Subscription Based Website

Most of the subscription based website’s offer additional multi-steam income. The downside is that you will have to be a paid subscriber to all the steams is order to benefit. This can be very costly monthly investment, and it could take months before you show any return on your investment.

These Websites mostly share the same important disadvantage. In most cases, they are no more than a single page site with links leading to the products or services that are being marketed. Very often, containing no real informative value to the reader, other than the products on offer.

I am not saying that all subscription or paid sites are worthless. Don’t get me wrong. There are some that do offer very good value for money. But what I am saying. For your own protection. Investigate as many as you can. Here are some crucial questions that need to be satisfied:

a. Are subscriptions limited? If that is the case. Then you have less competition to contend with.

b. Can you modify or change all the aspects of the site? If so, you can break away from duplicate content.

c. And last but not least. Will you be able to add or remove products at will? If so. You can then take advantage of the best products available on the market. Which in turn could lead to a greater return on investment.

In this article I have covered only a few of the factors that you need to keep in mind when opting for you own Website. It is my sincere hope that going forward. You will be better armed when considering these options. And, that you will then be in a more favorable position to earn on the internet.

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