Can you honestly earn an income from home?

When you take a look at ways to make money from home you will undoubtedly be flooded with promises of easy money and instant riches but there is one area which is never covered anywhere near enough and that is the legitimacy of any online business. Is it really possible to work from home with programs such as Empower Network, or is everything just a get rich quick scheme?

The main problem with online business is that the industry has given itself an absolutely terrible reputation. There is so much misleading information out there that regular people often believe it to be impossible to get anywhere.

When you are looking to join any home business there are a number of quick checks you can make to ensure it is a safe and legal opportunity and not ‘too good to be true’, including:

1) The business should be approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

2) Home businesses are also usually members of the Direct Selling Agency.

3) Look for the Better Internet Bureau logo on the company website. If they have been approved it means the BiB have taken a look at their payment method and safety.

4) You can usually tell how strong a business is by looking into what products and services it provides.

Number 4 is a very important tip. Many people are sucked into opportunities by the sheer excitement and promise of an easy life, with money generating on autopilot. Ask anyone who has become their own boss and you’ll be told it is nothing like that.

Before you join any home based business take a look at the products and you will be able to judge how likely it is you could generate the large income claims in the affiliate plan the company offers.

Most home businesses inflate their membership cost and provide poor quality products purely as a way to facilitate their commission plan.

You can’t sell a product which is useless. It doesn’t matter if you can possibly earn a five thousand dollar monthly income with less than a hundred people in your business if you can not even find one member, right?

Your own determination to work for yourself will go a long way to decide how far you go. Once you have found a genuine opportunity there is a much bigger decision to be made. Empower Network is a proven company yet you would need to decide for yourself if you believe it fits your personality and provides services you actually enjoy using. If somebody told you that you could potentially change your life with a decision you would take all the time in the world to ensure it was right, so take that concept into a home business.

About the author: Russ Howe is an established leading Empower Network member. See your free video guide here Join Empower Network next.

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