Cheapest Phone Broadcasting Business

This is the best Phone Broadcasting Business. It’s the most effective, easy-to-use and cost effective way to make huge sums of money in your business! Have your phone consistently ringing off the hook with people calling you or simply direct them to your web site or voice mail overview. It starts and stops campaigns if you are on the phone. Checks numbers against the (DNC) Do Not Call List and Cell Phone List.

The Phone Broadcasting service also separates telephone listings by time zone. Send out to live or machine messages or a mixture of both. Record your own message. Members can purchase phone time at 1.8 cents per call *Outgoing calls that go over 30 seconds are switched to 1 minute billing 3.8 cents. Call the time and day you want. Leads Included archived business opportunity survey leads and MLM genealogy leads.

It’s the Wave of the Future and everyone has a telephone. The system will help you get more people to talk too…FAST! It’s affordable, VERY easy to use and gets results in minutes. Simply record a voice message. Load a list of phone numbers. Press send … that’s it! You sit back and your phone rings with hot prospects wanting to know more about what you’re promoting!

Other broadcasting systems charge as much as $500, $1295 and $2000 to join! Others retail sites charge as much as 15-20 cents per call! Make calls for only 1.8 cents with Phone Broadcast Service!

I hope you can handle a lot of visitors landing on your website, going to your voice mail or speaking to you directly? This is what’s going to happen when you purchase the Ultimate Phone Broadcasting System… but it’s also so much more! There’s absolutely nothing out there that comes close to this technology!

The compensation plan is so powerful that it’s unbelievable… Make $100 per sale. You keep 100% of every sale as per the reverse 2 Up compensation plan. You virtually break even on the first sale! The first and third sale goes to you! The 2nd and fourth goes to your sponsor. Every sale after that goes to you. Once you have referred two sales, you are qualified for life. Unlimited infinity. Then the fun begins. Those that are now direct to you, they do the same and give their second and fourth sales to you. This process happens over and over. Once qualified, you keep 100% of all sales you make PLUS you get the second and fourth sale of all those they refer. The income potential is unlimited!

And to top this off… you get HUNDREDS of TOP Master Resale Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR) at no additional cost when you join. You are getting HUNDREDS of these bonus PLR eBooks INCLUDED!

It’s Time For You To Build Your Security And Financial Wealth by Using Phone Broadcasting To Make Tons Of Money! For a few bucks a month you can get access to the tool and pricing that most have to pay $20,000 and more to obtain. You will be on your way to making tons more money in your business and more leads than you can handle. This is a small sum to pay, to start finally taking steps towards making huge amounts of money and living out your hopes and dreams!

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