How I became the hunted instead of the hunter

I knew it was time if I wanted to survive in my internet business, I had to make some choices if I wanted to create the kind of wealth I new was possible. Everything I was told to do was not getting me anywhere close to that.

I new it wasn’t the business I chose to network. I always felt it was one of the best home based opportunities on the internet, with amazing products to build a future on.

I never really had to push myself to get my marketing chores done online. But I was only getting curiosity seekers, people that are not interested in making a lot of money from home. People that would rather spend their time making others wealthy.

I was never lazy when it comes to doing what it takes to be successful. But when you don’t get the results from what your doing, you become uninspired and have that urge to give up.

All I kept getting from my sponsor was to keep doing those marketing chores, and never give up. I knew something had to change. I was feeling the insanity and my business was flat lining.

After five or six months you don’t start seeing the kind of momentum in your business you figured on, the law of attraction is definitely not working in your favor, It’s time to quite throwing money away, and find what will work.

Let me get to the point, I know there are people making a lot of money in internet marketing. It had to be not the internet business they were in, but what the were doing that most are not. And after some more searching, I found what they are doing and put it to good use with excellent results. This is the best way for anyone to build any kind of network business!

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