I never pursue leads anymore, they come looking for me

I have to first tell you. For almost five years I have been a network marketer, and I am no stranger to using many of those so called traffic generators. Trust me, if you start promoting that way, your inbox will fill up with nothing but other opportunities.

I used to buy leads constantly, I couldn’t get my hands on enough of them sometimes, almost like an addiction! A lead aholic! And all I did most of the time was call, call, call. Lead after lead, so called prospect after prospect.

After a while, a little light went off in my head, and I thought to myself, this is doing nothing for my business. You don’t think do ya! The same thing with those online traffic generators. Ten bucks here, ten bucks there. I just wanted something that worked.

Not too long after, I called my sponsor to vent on him a little, ok a lot! He confesses he stopped that type of clod calling, and marketing online for a while now, cause he was at his wits end too. Well I should have known. I wish he would have told me sooner.

I wasn’t surprised when he tells me these very things are not working. He told me he couldn’t feel his ear anymore because of all those useless calls he was making. Costing way to much, talking to people that have no interest in being in a home business.

He started using what he called the ms strategy about four months ago, and suggested I try this myself. So that?s what I did, and in two months time I generated eight hundred ninety five leads to individuals who are serious about building a network marketing business.

Right off the bat, the very first step that I took advantage of with this system was taking care of my advertising expense with ease, and actually showing a profit of $957.00. I was then able to sponsor more qualified net workers into my business, and there is no reason if you are committed to your own business, this can’t work for you!

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