I wasted money and time on garbage leads and generators

Calling garbage leads and talking to people who have no business being entrepreneurs, was not my idea of how to create a successful down line anymore. Simply put, it was getting me exactly no where in my network business.

Making follow up calls can be a real trip. Objections are one thing, but when a prospect starts taunting you like a first grader, my business is better than yours crap, it makes you want a good strong cocktail. I know I want these kinds of people representing my business!

Continuing on in this direction of buying more dead end leads everyday, and jumping on board with every new useless traffic generating gimmick, is what the real pros don’t do, their past all that insanity. They climbed out of those network marketing garbage dumps along time ago.

If you really think your going to reach a fulltime income level in you home business, you better think again. Ninety nine percent do not. So think about it, do you want to stay on that same path they are on?

Of course you don’t, get over all of that! Discovering this was a life changing result for me, and it can be for you. This is not the way you want to spend the next several years of your life. Not for me anyway.

I found a way to put the law of attraction in my business, and people were pursuing me instead of the other way around. You can do this for your business too if you choose. Think about yourself as a magnet drawing prospects to your business. That’s exactly what started happening for me, and it can for you too!

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