Is it worth the effort?

Have you ever stopped to consider what you think your effort is worth, instead of your time?

If you are a parent raising a family, running a home, cooking meals, washing clothes, doing the housework, holding down a job, plus your spouse works too, have you ever paused to consider if what you earn is a true reflection of both your efforts?

Let’s break it down even further and consider a single parent doing all of the above, but without a spouse. This would include doing the gardening as well. Would it be fair to say that the single parent’s effort is only worth what they receive through their single parent pension, or child support, or part-time job?

What about the business executive who, in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder, works ten hours per day, sometimes more. Some even work on weekends just to stay on top. Having little time at home means that their spouse probably carries the full household load and does as much as the single parent referred to in the paragraph above.

What are these people really worth?

Okay, you’re probably thinking, they are worth whatever they are paid. But is that a fair conclusion?

Around 1% of the population earns around 96% of all the money that’s being earned. The other 99% toil away at the measly 4% of the wealth that’s left behind. If you are in the 99% of people chipping away, even if you are one of the highest income earners, you are probably trading your time for money in order to make somebody else rich. Your boss!

To move from being one of the 99%, it requires moving away from what we have become conditioned to believing – that the only accepted means for earning money is through having a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). We need to have a significant shift in our awareness and begin focussing on achieving financial reward and remuneration for our efforts; the efforts exerted for ourselves and not for our boss.

It is possible to make the change in our awareness, as long as we are serious about improving our current situation. Are you getting everything you want out of life right now? Are you completely satisfied with what you are achieving, right now?

I would guess that since you’re reading this right now, you have probably decided a significant improvement is in order for your life. Perhaps you are tired of living from pay to pay or spending most of your time away from the people and the things that matter most to you. Or, perhaps you are reading this right now because you have finally realized the only way to true financial freedom is to take control and make it happen for you.

Individuals can now capitalise on a powerful system which is already in place and has the potential to produce incredible profits; where you will have access to successful entrepreneurs who are available to share with you their secrets of success for FREE.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 95% of people fail when they start a business that does not use a system and 95% succeed with a system.

What would your life be like two years from now if you could generate the income you truly desired and you know you are worthy of? This system utilises leveraging and automation to give you freedom from money worries plus freedom of time, at the same time. And this need only take 2-3 hours of committed, focused action each day.

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