Kiiera Viv and Chris Kilham – A Dream Team

Peter Spiegel, owner of Sylmark, a $200 million dollar direct response production and marketing company, has been on a quest. A quest to bring a high quality, all natural product to market that could impact the lives of millions. A long time dream has now been realized in the creation of Viv created by Kiiera, a daughter company of Sylmark.

Viv is an all natural botanical powdered energy drink that will be marketed under Network Marketing starup Kiiera, LLC. Kiiera, however, is not your normal startup company. Not many startups can boast a ten month maturation process before even considering going into “pre-launch” nor pull off the financial backing of a $200 million dollar marketing and media partner like Sylmark and attrack a dream team of management and leadership from the Network Marketing industry the way Kiiera has.

One of those “dream team” members is none other than Chris Kilham, the “Medicine Hunter” himself. Chris has dedicated most of his adult life to the pursuit of medicinal remedies through natural plants and botanicals. He has worked with numerous companies to bring such natural plant-based foods to the masses as marketable products.

Chris is a staple on the lecture circuit all over the world giving speeches on holistic health and botanical medicines. He has written numerous books on the subject and even hosts his own TV series the Medicine Trail. Chris has also appeared on more than 500 TV shows and 1500 radio shows worldwide.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Chris personally in September at a Kiiera Viv Pre-Launch Event. What I like about him the most is that he is a man of zero compromise. He was absolutely clear that he would not endorse or be a representative of Kiiera’s Viv in any way if it was not 100% all natural and packaged in a dosage that proved effective. His “no compromise” approach is what makes his support of Kiiera’s Viv so spectacular.

Listening to Chris talk about his travels through the Brazilian Amazon, Siberia, Peru, Malaysia, etc you cannot help but admire his complete and total dedication to his profession. His passion is captivating and his wealth of knowledge astounding. Kiiera is truly blessed to have some one of this caliber not only supporting the product, but intimately involved with the development all along.

Kiiera is well prepared for it’s venture into this marketplace. The product is top quality, the company is solid, the management is top notch and the marketing approach is second to none. Watch out, there’s a new kid on the block.

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