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Do you know whats in your cleaning supplies? Many people do not know concerning the dangerous substances that are contained in most of the cleaning supplies which are on the market. Many of those merchandise contain carcinogens that are linked to most cancers; others are the cause of reproductive problems and skin and eye irritations. Heres a checklist of some ingredients to steer clear from when you find yourself looking at your cleaning supplies:

? Nonylphenol ethoxylates – found in many disinfectants and cleaners and connected to reproduction problems;
? Antibacterial – found in many household cleaners and linked to most cancers;
? Ammonia – used for cleaning floors and glass and linked to burns and skin irritations;
? Butyl Glycol – present in glass and all purpose cleaner and connected to lung tissue irritations;
? Bleach – used for numerous cleaning and causes lung as well as eye irritation;
? D-limonene – utilized in air fresheners and causes skin irritations;
? Diethanolamine – found in detergents and cleaners and associated to most cancers;
? Triethanolamine – discovered in many cleaners and likewise linked to most cancers;
? Pine oil disinfectants – found in cleaners and an environmental hazard;
? Fragrances – discovered in lots of cleaners and fresheners and may cause respiratory problems;
? Hydrochloric acid – found in bathroom bowl cleaners and causes respiratory irritations in addition to skin irritations;
? Naphtha – found in flooring polish and can have an effect on the nervous system;
? Phosphates – found in dishwasher and laundry detergents and is an environmental hazard;
? Sodium hydroxide – found in drain and oven cleaners – causes skin, eye, nostril and throat irritations;
? Sulfuric acid – found in drain cleaners and causes injury to lungs, eyes, and skin;
? Formaldehyde – found in carpet cleaners and is closely connected to cancer;
? Benzene – present in a wide range of cleaners and linked to most cancers;
? Toluene – found in quite a lot of cleaners and connected to most cancers;
? Xylene – present in a variety of cleaners and connected to cancer.

Do you really need any of those products in your home? You may get the same results with non-toxic merchandise that dont comprise any of those ingredients. Check out the labels on the cleaning merchandise that you are utilizing and dispose (in an eco friendly way) of those that include the above listed ingredients. This can result in a safer setting in your house for you and your loved ones as well as a greater environment for everybody.

If you want to find out more about green house cleaning , then you can simply visit http://www.green-house-cleaning-tips.com for a lot of effective eco friendly cleaning tips.

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