Make Money on Online? Don’t You Know the Economy’s in the Toilet?

Whether it is the newspapers, television, the Internet . . . or your neighbor over the fence – it seems the talk is nothing but “Our Failing Economy!” “Times are Tough!” “Billion Dollar Bail-out Plans!” Blah . . . blah . . . blah. . . .

It could get depressing . . . that is, if you choose to buy into it!

Okay, the general economy of the U. S. (and as America goes, so goes the World Economy to a large degree) is hurting right now; but what does that have to do with your “Personal Economy”? Very little . . . if you are a successful Internet marketer and make your money online.

Do you have a financial “victim” mentality? If so, a fundamental concept you’ll need to start to embrace to change that and finally experience true, long-term success and making a high income on the Internet – or off of the Internet for that matter – is the realization that you’re in control. Your success does not rely on what is happening in the economy or other external factors. Top earners always take responsibility for everything that happens in their businesses; they are never mere “victims”.

The truly successful people that I know personally typically limit their exposure to mass media news outlets and their daily dump of negative. However, that doesn’t mean they go through life oblivious to world current events. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The difference though, is how they use at that information. The “average Joe or Jane” – allow themselves to be constantly bombarded with the daily doom-and-gloom news headlines and finally throw up their hands in despair and say, “Oh No! the economy is in the toilet – I better bury my wallet in the backyard, because things are going to be miserable . . . at least until the news media tells me that its not.”

Financially successful people examine the news headlines with the mind-set, “How can I make this current economy – boon or bomb – work for me?” Even in the face of temporary financial set-backs, they will soon make adjustments needed to get back on track to growing their incomes and making more money – regardless of what happens in Washington or Wall Street.

Bottom Line: politicians will always make grandiose promises then accomplish nothing; Economists will continue to snivel messages of financial gloom; the Mass Media News will continue to peddle their daily dose of suffering; and, unfortunately, average “Joe and Jane Doe” will unwittingly buy into it allowing their day . . . and life to be ruined.

On the other hand, you – the Internet Entrepreneur in the process of earning a lot of money online – recognize that this fumbling economy is a perfect opportunity for you to get rich!

People are turning to the Internet in record numbers. They see it as the salvation to their financial woes and are starving to find ways to make more money online. Those of us that have put ourselves into a position of filling the needs of this starving market have recently watched our incomes sky-rocket!

Have you been asking yourself, “How can I become part of this market’s Solution?” The answer to that question – followed with intelligent action – can create long-term financial success for you – and your family – at a time when most others are struggling.

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