MOR Vacations and Team Cutting Edge Producing Millionaires

There’s a new and exciting affiliate marketing opportunity and it’s breathing new life into earning an income from home. MOR Vacations is more about the product than the enormous income opportunity attached and that may be the reason it’s exploding beyond expectations.

You be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy a nice vacation. Problem is most people can’t afford one. MOR Vacations will allow average families the opportunity to vacation at top notch resorts around the world at huge savings. With over 5400 resort destinations , discounts on hotels and motels, discounts on cruises and theme parks MOR Vacations will make it possible for those on a budget to travel like they’re not.

MOR Vacations is the brand new marketing arm for a 20 year old time tested and proven vacation savings club that over 100,000 happy customers have purchased over the last 20 years. As of October 2008, MOR Vacations has brought this off line serivce online with web based resort registry’s for members and online booking portals.

The perpetual leverage pay plan used by MOR Vacations has created millionaires in less than 12 months before. MOR vacations incorporated this pay plan because it is the most powerful in the world. $500 to $1000 paid out on each and every sale referred and $500 to $1000 matching bonuses go to the selling members sponsor. Income records are sure to be broken as more an more people become aware of this opportunity.

When you join MOR Vacations through Team Cutting Edge you will have the latest technology available on your side helping you to grow your business every step of the way. Team leaders will educate your prospects on the product and the comp plan so you don’t have to and enables you to get off to a super fast start.

Team Cutting Edge also provides access to exclusive team only webinars that cover all aspects of internet marketing absolutely free. Top income earners within Team Cutting Edge show you exactly what they do on a daily business to earn thousands of dollars weekly.

What do you get when you take a time tested and proven product purchased by over 100,000 people in the last 20 years and combine it with the most powerful affiliate compensation plan on the planet? You get MOR Vacations! History is being made right now and your timing for finding this information could never be better. Check out what MOR Vacations can do for you and your family today.

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