M.O.R. Vacations Launched as Scheduled on October 1, 2008

MOR Vacations has officially launched. After 7 weeks in pre-launch, MOR Vacations launched as schedule on October 1, 2008. MOR Vacations is a brand new business opportunity that offers an outstanding travel membership and tremendous savings in travel to its members. This business has become the fastest growing business on the Internet today.

MOR Vacations has attracted network marketers and new customers alike. Network marketers find this membership highly marketable because of the great value it offers which ensures sales, and customers finds this membership most desirable because of the great savings it offers over the lifetime of their travels. Thus MOR Vacations satisfies both the buyers and the sellers with this awesome membership.

The amount of savings as a MOR Vacations member is immeasurable. The range of benefits includes hot week specials to resort weeks to travel packages. It offers over 5400 resorts around the world to choose from for vacation destinations. Short notice vacation weeks are offered for as little as $149. There’s no annual fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and no exchange fees. MOR Vacation members have 52 week access with no blocked periods, no black out dates, and unlimited guest passes for family, friends, and guests. This membership is fully transferable to heirs which makes it timeless.

MOR Vacations is also the most lucrative business opportunity on the Internet today that pays generous commissions of $1000 for every direct sale as well as matching commissions of $1000 for every indirect sale made by others in the downline organization to unlimited depths. MOR Vacations pays via True Perpetual Leverage pay plan with the most generous compensation in the network marketing industry.

MOR Vacations offers the best business opportunity in which to market the very best travel membership. This is a winning combination that truly offers the best of both worlds–make money and save on travel.

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