Mor Vacations – Low Start Up Cost Home Business

Low startup cost. Exceptional value product. $1000 commissions per sale. Isn’t that the ideal home based business opportunity? But how many companies really deliver on all three of these promises?

The unique approach of Mor Vacations is to offer a high quality and big ticket product to enable the big commissions, but to allow a low cost entry point via in house financing. This way you can get into the big ticket arena and pay as you go. Save some of your purchase money to roll into your marketing so that you can ensure your success.

Since it’s pre-launch MOR Vacations has introduced its lifetime membership with an unprecedented payment plan option, allowing for very low down payments and flexible monthly payments. Now combine this with the fact that you will make between $500 and $1000 on each and every sale ($250 to $500 on your first qualifying sale) and you have a low startup cost business that nets high commissions.

Most people focus on the money and mistakenly ignore the value. Big ticket sales have to really build the value of the product being sold if you want to have success. Otherwise you will be completely limited to only business builders who don’t care what they sell. Wouldn’t you rather feel good representing a quality product that has sold for $9,000 or more for the past 23 years that you can offer at an incredible value of just $2,997? And then be able to provide people a $498 entry into that product?

Now, let’s add to the mix a product that is deliverable online digitally so that you don’t have to fuss with shipping and product inventory (or do you want a garage full of vitamins). Then you add systems and tools that automate and facilitate your affiliate management. Mor Vacations hits a home run will all of these items.

Lastly, Jon King, the President and Founder of Mor Vacations, is a technology guy. So what does that mean? It means that even in pre-launch, the processes and tools are in place for online, all electronic, fully automated systems. When you sign someone up online they are processed realtime and immediately available to view in your downline. As payment is received, you will see the status change from “New” to “Order Complete” in your backoffice and you will be able to request your commissions to be released. Notice I didn’t say “commission check” – that is because payments are made electronically as well. No more waiting for snail mail or costly FedEx deliveries. Mor options, mor choices, mor flexibility, mor value – more with Mor Vacations.

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