No Traffic, No Money

No more struggling to make money online? No more constantly working your butt off and still losing money with pay per click ads.

If you want to make money online, you must write content. The more content you write, the more chances you will have to make money. But what good is writing content if nobody ever lays eyes on it?

It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest writer in the world, if nobody sees it, you can’t make sales. In fact, you can be a terrible writer but as long as you have traffic, you will make more sales than the person who is the best writer in the world and has no traffic.

Ok ok… so I have stressed the fact that traffic is important if you want to make money online. So what is one of the best ways to get a large amount of traffic to your site quickly?

Using Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media sites (of course) such as FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace, to send traffic to your sites. You can get a lot of traffic very quickly with these types of sites and the best part is it’s FREE!

But you must be very careful when using these sites because they are all more like little communities who are very protective. You must provide them with great quality content or they will bury you. But we all create great quality content all the time anyways right?

Also, did I mention that they hate Marketers? 🙂 .

Don’t be scared though because if you don’t spam them, you will be fine. This is a good thing because we all know what a pain spammers can be. So as long as you write good content that provides good information and not all “salesy”, you’ll be fine.

Another thing you should do before you start submitting content to these sites is to participate in these communities and get a feel for what is expected. After you have explored these sites and have joined in on all of the fun (ex. commenting on FaceBook and MySpace pages, sending out helpful Tweets, giving a thumbs up or down on sites), then after you have done this for awhile you can start to submit your own content slowly.

Also make sure to only submit a small percentage of your own content compared to primarily commenting on other peoples submissions.

Yes it will take a long time to set up these profiles and to fit in with everyone else.

It’s true, it can take a long time, but there is a way to cut the learning curve in half.

There is a Social Marketing guide called “Social Traffic Explosion” that provides 8 comprehensive videos that show you step-by-step how to set up your FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter profiles the RIGHT way as well as giving insider tips on how to get traffic from these sites.

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