Review of 3 Top Money Making Opportunities

Searching for some extra income? Everyone is. Today’s economy has hurt everyone from business owners to stay at home parents.

When I started searching for ways to earn some quick income, I searched the classifieds, online jobs sites and a many internet get rich quick schemes. I didn’t want a second job, but I also didn’t mind rolling up my sleeves for a good days work.

After I spent countless hours reading through information, I came to a conclusion.

I need to find a home based business.

After searching the web, I have found my three favorite programs. Commission Blue Print, Six Figure Yearly, and SaleHoo. Below I have reviewed each.

The Commission Blueprint Review looks like a ton of information. In fact, a ton of stuff is included in this package. Plus it looks a little “geeky” (especially when you look at the reviews on the page.)

However I was able to get through it. If I can, then anyone can. If you have basic computer skills (i.e. if you know how to use Google), then you can have success with this program.

The nice part is since there is so much stuff included; you will be able to find numerous ways to “take it to the next level”

The program comes with 14 videos. Yes 14!

If you are lost most people out there you don’t want to sit through and read a dictionary’s worth of pages. With this program you can watch the videos and surf the internet at the same time.

Six Figure Yearly is another good program. It is less “geeky” than the Commission Blue Print. The reviewers seem more like “ordinary” people.

Just like the commission blueprint, a good amount of video is included which is nice if you don’t like to read too much material.

If you read through the testimonials you will find that it claims that you will spend about two hours a day on the program. However most people will most likely spend a few hours on the weekend to set it up, then less than two hours a day to maintain the program.

The website shows an extraordinary example of success over a short period of time. I think that is the rare case, but if you can do that amount in a year.

SaleHoo has come up with a system for making money on Ebay.

If you want to make some extra money using Ebay, then you need items to sell. Most of my friends either clean out the attic, or (better yet) go to neighborhood garage sales and then try to sell the product online at a higher price.

If you wanted to do this in a larger volume, you would need some space to store the items you were selling.

SaleHoo has figured out a solution to the space problem. They have come up with a program that includes partners to help you sell items on Ebay. The partners are selling you items at discount; you mark them up, and then list them on Ebay.

The catch with some of these other programs is you need to lay out a large amount of money upfront. For example, if you where selling jeans online, a company may make you purcase 1000 pairs to get a discount. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want 1000 pairs of jeans sitting in my house. What if I can’t sell them?

The companies that SaleHoo work with will let you buy one item at a time, so you can try it out and see how you do.

With the economy in shambles, my guess is that many smart consumers will be looking at Ebay for deals, instead of going to the malls.

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