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This SECockpit overview is going to cover everything you should know about SECockpit, together with its functionality, capabilities, usability and best of all its price. Let us face it, you will find many keyword research tools in the market, yet there are not many that can accomplish what SECockpit can do. To get rid of some confusion, SECockpit and SEOCockpit were two distinct tools, however in September 2012, SECockpit purchased SEOCockpit and now the two are one brand name. There are a lot of critiques on the program, however this review is according to my individual experience with the software since using it.

When looking for the top keyword research software program, the 3 major points to look at are: functions, speed, and value.

We will evaluate SECockpit on each point and find out how it measures up with its closest competitors which are: Niche Finder, Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and Keyword Elite. Keyword Research Pro and Micro Niche Finder are other labels that may arise when talking about keyword research softwares, nevertheless, the four earlier mentioned are SECockpit’s primary competition that is why I decided to focus on these.

I am going to provide you an ‘apples to apples’ comparison on these tools and will be objective as they all have strengths and weaknesses.

SECockpit Speed This software finds the best keywords and phrases in the least amount of time. There is none other tool in the current market that functions as fast as this software. It just takes a minute to locate the same quantity and quality of keyword research work while Market Samurai requires approximately 10 hours or so.

Bottom line: If you would like to save a lot of time while doing valuable work on search engine optimization or other marketing uses, SECockpit is the software program for you.

Mac User-Friendly Keyword Analysis Software Considering that almost all the other software out there are PC based, Mac users tend to be at a disadvantage. Market Samurai works with PC or Mac, but it should be downloaded and it pulls on your computer resources, while SECockpit is entirely cloud based which makes it far remarkable and worth a monthly fee in my book.

Keyword Research Software Rates Probably SECockpit’s semi-annual or monthly rate may appear to be a drawback as compared to many that require only one time payment, however its remarkable quality provides you more than what you actually pay for.

If you’re seriously in the business of affiliate marketing, niche marketing, offline consulting services, or would like to have an edge in the competitive online market, you are not going to hesitate about making this purchase. I, myself, am prepared to pay 3 times the actual selling price of this software tool simply because I am certainly getting it all back by way of service.

Generally, the software will cost you $97 each month or you may get it at a discount for half a year payment. I pay the monthly charge as that works okay for me personally. As this review site’s promo, I am providing two very exclusive promotions which you will find down the page. Why take anything less than the best?

Purchase SECockpit Today!

The Bottom Line Let me be straight-forward here. Even tough this software is the most efficient out there, if you have decided never to spend any amount for this, then this is surely not for you. If you are on a very tight budget and can’t swing another monthly expenditure, then it isn’t for you either.

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