Selling VS Marketing-The One Thing That Can Explode Your MLM Biz

Do you know that you can be very successful in your network marketing business if you don’t know how to sell? Most recent Internet network marketers have made 7 figures in MLM simply because they do not sell and have employed a strategy that their offline MLM contemporaries do not.

What do they do? You ask. Well, they market. Are you surprised? That marketing does not equate selling? Let me explain.

Why selling in itself is an art that only trained sales people know how to do best, you should only sell retail products in network marketing if you know how to sell. Trust me, selling is one of the most difficult task in network marketing and anyone who is not trained in sales will fail woefully if he tries to sell.

Contrarily, I have seen ordinary people who know how to market outsell trained sales people. Where a sales person makes a thousand dollars in commission, the marketer makes five times over in commissions. Interestingly, anyone can be a marketer.

I’m sure you are wondering what the difference is between marketing and selling. Most times they are used together and interchangeably. However, there is a difference. From my findings, here is the result I gathered.

Selling is the art of persuading someone to get a product whether he needs it or not.

Marketing on the other hand is, building a relationship with someone with the aim of finding out the true needs of that person and supplying products that fulfill those needs.

As you can see, marketing builds credibility and trust with the prospects or customers and gets a better result because of customer satisfaction which is the driving force in any successful business. This is the missing code in selling.

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