Trucker Makes It In A Home Based Business

For a long time I owned a trucking company. A nd for a number of years it was very good to me. It gave me plenty of time to do the things that I loved to do. But as the economy got weaker and the price of fuel rose things started to slow down.

All of a sudden it was much harder to find work. Nobody was building anything and construction was coming to a halt. Everyone was fighting over the same job.

So for the first time I was faced with a change that I was not ready for. I loved what I was doing. I had plenty of freedom everyday.

I was making good money and giving a good service that was really needed. It’s not very easy going to work for somebody else once you have worked for yourself. Having someone else telling me what to do was not somthing I was willing to deal with.

At least that’s the way I saw it and it’s just not what I wanted. So after weighing all my options I decided to look into the possibility of starting a home based business. After all it seemed a lot of people were doing it and becoming successful.

So why couldn’t it work for me? So I did some research and found many different programs out there. I picked a popular one and went ahead and joined up.

After all it only costed me a hundred bucks to join and fifty dollars a month in dues. They claimed that by joining up with them I could easily start making thousands a month with almost no work. What could be better then that?

I was very excited about my new home business. But it was a little odd that after I joined up I couldn’t reach anyone and there was nobody to teach me how to make this business a success. I should have seen the signs that if they don’t give you a complete business plan before you join them you should stay away.

So I ended up disappionted and quit the program. I was pretty much done with the idea of starting my own home business. But then I got lucky and found a great home business opportunity.

So I picked up the phone and talked to the person about the program. We talked about it for awhile and he invited me to a live conference call and webinar. I was completly blown away!

What I found a company that not only pays very high commissions but provides all the training and support for free! I could see that this is fresh new way to do business from home. Three short months later I am making twenty thousand a month.

And what’s even better than that I now get to show other people how to do the same thing. So if you are tired of the same old tired programs that are out there feel free to visit my website and give me a call! Thank you for letting me share what I have learned!

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