Various uses of Gift packaging

People started giving each other gifts on the first day of January.This was around the winter Solace and the idea was for prosperity and sweetness. Wikipedia says that the history of gift giving can be traced back to the time of the Romans. Later years they gave cakes for gifts, although they started of by giving evergreen branches.

Gift Packaging become more and more involved, over the years researched was done for maximum effect. Excitement and suspense are created by receiving a covered gift. Originally fabric was used to cover gifts. Later brown paper was used. Because of the versatile use of paper, Gift Wrap became popular. You can cover just about any shape using Gift Wrap.

In order to get a firmer and neater look Gift Boxes was introduced. Over the Christmas period lots of families travel to either holiday or family destinations. It is a lot easier to transport gifts in Gift Boxes. Decorate Gift Boxes with Ribbons and Raffia in such a way that it compliments the receivers style and taste.

Corporate Companies prefer Gift Boxes with their logo printed on or decorating their Gift Boxes with custom made Ribbons. Custom made Tissue Paper can be added to the inside of Gift Boxes to add some colour, cushion a fragile gift or just to add some spice to the Gift Packaging. It is best to consider the receiver of the gift when planning your Gift Packaging.

Gift Bags are ideal for events and promotional drives. Even so since they are available in different sizes and colours. Gift bags can also be made up in your specific size and specifications. Use your own designer paper and add your logo to your Gift Bags for a personalized option.

What is a weddings or ladies functions without Organza Gift Bags? Not only do they add a feminine touch to your gifts but also create a romantic look. Organza bags are available in just about any colour and size. Add satin ribbons to match your colour scheme or add dots to create your own personal touch.

Corrugated Gift Boxes can be made up in natural corrugated board or standard colours.African curios are nicely set of in this earthy look style. Since Corrugated board is manufactured by using recycled paper and are bio degradable it makes them excellent for the green conscious users.

My favorite is Aluminium Tins. They have so many uses and are durable. Printed can be done on Aluminium Tins for branding purposes. Using tins instead of discarded Gift Wrap your customer will remember you a lot longer. Aluminium tins can be reused for odds and ends around the house.

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