What Is MOR Vacations LLC Exactly?

As you prepare to read this some of you may be finding out exactly what the MOR Vacations home business opportunity is all about for the first time. Members Only Resort Vacations also known as MOR Vacations, acts as an internet marketing source for a 23 year old luxury resort vacation membership club. MOR Vacations has acquired the exclusive rights to sell these vacation memberships via affiliate marketing and for a fraction of the price of what they normally sell for. These same highly sought after resort vacation memberships where once sold via invitation only at hotel presentations for up to $10,000 plus. But by utilizing the power of internet affiliate marketing MOR vacations has been able to drastically reduce their marketing costs, and luckily for you, these savings have been passed on to the consumer.

To assist its affiliate marketers MOR Vacations will be offering high quality in-depth web media presentations which will assist them with sales presentations. These presentations will be viewable by people anywhere, anytime and to anyone. MOR Vcations and super host Johnny Bolton host daily live conference calls and recorded calls that are hosted by MOR Vacations in support of its affiliates. These calls allow anyone to join a call and learn more about what is being offered and the product. It is this level of support that has been missing with other vacations membership companies and what ultimately allows top earners such as myself to earn lucrative incomes from home.

One of the most important things people want to know when looking into a home based business is “how much will I earn”? While some people will have you believing that you can earn in the 5 digits in a month without any work, let’s be realistic no one can make money with out doing some sort of work. While it is true that some people will earn 5 digit incomes with MOR Vacations in a month, even a week in some cases, you shouldn’t think that you will be on this level starting out. This is a real business, with a real product and should be treated as such when approaching it, it takes time. Many people buy into all the hype of people flashing their money and fancy cars and expect the same results instantly and those people usually are the ones that fail and ultimately call everything a scam. MOR Vacations pays up to $1000 commissions on your sales and on the sales of people you sign up as well, and they will also offer bonuses. The payplan is devised so that people at the bottom can actually make more than the people at the top, it’s truly amazing. Like any venture, it will take time to build up your business, but with patience and persistence the rewards can be great.

The next important item people will want to know prior to starting a home based business is they want to know what it will cost them. Like any business there are start-up costs. Compared to the price of opening a franchise for instance, it is a very small dollar amount, but still a substantial amount to some none the less. With MOR Vacations it’s simple, after you purchase your MOR Vacations Diamond Membership for anywhere between $2,997 to $3998 depending on which payment option you selected, you can begin to resell the MOR Vacations Membership package. You will also need to invest some money during the first 30 to 60 days that you are starting with MOR Vacations for advertising dollars as you build your pipeline; I recommend at least $1500. You will also spend about $50 a month on your tools such as your website, email auto responder etc. If you join with a top team, such as MOR Team Diamond you will be able to get everything setup for you with very minimal effort as well as world class training that no other MOR team is able to offer.

Something you will want to understand with MOR Vacations is that the vacation membership is is lifetime, it will always be yours, even if your business does not go as planned you will still be a part of the #1 Vacation Membership Club and you will always have deeply discounted vacations for the rest of your life. The travel service company that honors the vacation membership has been around since 1985 and they are very well established, they are not going anywhere. The most popular feature that the vacation membership offers are the hotweeks, you can stay at a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom for as little as $149 for an entire week, and this not person or per night. MOR Vacations also offers a registry of over 5400 reports. You can use your membership as often or as little as you would like. And this is by no means like a timeshare where you are limited to one week, you could actually vacation 52 weeks out of the year if you had the means And did I mention no annual fees; special assessments etc that you receive by owning a timeshare. All that you do with MOR Vacations is pay a one time fee to become a member and that’s it, never again will you be asked for any money for the membership. Also you will receive discounts on airline tickets, cruises etc. No doubt about it, this is a far superior product compared to timeshares. If you are a world traveler or simply have a large family , you need a MOR Vacations membership. So you may be wondering how MOR Vacations can provide these discounted vacations. They accomplish this by buying large blocks of rooms, which are then reserved for their members. And because they buy at such large volumes they are able to get these rooms for prices you and I could never get them for. And typically the resorts are timeshare homes, condominium units etc which will have kitchens and living rooms adding to your comfort while on vacation as opposed to just staying at a hotel room.

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