What’s Really True About MOR Vacations Home Based Business.

By now a lot people have heard of the idea that there’s money to be made with a home based business, and the Internet is usually the way to do it. However who really knows if these claims are true, or if it can work for you, or your family. Ultimately that is something that every person needs to decide for themselves. I happen to be a person who works such a business, and instead of talking about how successful I am at it monetarily, I’d really like to say that I enjoy the work involved. This is a part of working from home that isn’t covered much, but is such a integral part of how it works. I’d like to go over it. This is very important because the world of home business is directly linked to the extremely important concept of financial freedom.

Financial freedom is a philosophy I talk about a lot, because it’s simply one of the most important ideas I want people to hear. Just the idea alone….. that anybody can, with the right effort , and right method, become financially free…. is usually greeted with skepticism or worse. This is most unfortunate, because if you don’t believe it’s possible, then it becomes impossible to do the work to achieve the result. When faced with a person being skeptical, I always think back to the story of Columbus, who against all popular belief, sailed off to “discover the new world”. For Columbus to set out beyond the “known world” he had to have within him a belief that he was not going to simply fall off the edge of the world. If he did not believe this then to sail into the unknown would be an act of lunacy. This is a choice that we all must make.

Now most people then ask “Can I see proof”? Well, all you need to know is that the home business ,and multi level marketing, have created more millionaires than any other business type in history, ever. If you don’t believe me, then look it up for yourself. In fact two thirds of all millionaires in the US have gotten their money through owning a business, and a high percentage of them are home based business. This is an amazing fact. It’s power is most revealed by the fact that the ability to make money online is still extremely new. In fact the internet itself is still very new. So now we know that most people do not have the knowledge necessary to form the belief that it is really possible to become financially free through home business. But instead of having to be the first ones to sail uncharted waters, we now know that there is a multitude of people who have already been successful doing this. It’s in accepting this knowledge, that the enjoyment of this kind of business becomes possible.

I remember,years ago, attending a very interesting weekend workshop put on by a great example of what I’m talking about, with a man named T. Harv Ecker. The weekend was dubbed, The Millionaire Mind, and I got much more than I bargained for. In all honesty, I went into it with a lot of skepticism. I was back then, definitely a believer in the safest thing being ” it is a flat earth”. I’d also never really let myself think that I could be wealthy.. One of the incredible ideas presented there, was that when you become successful ,you stay successful ,and get more successful by helping others do the same. Now if you’ve never heard that idea, sit back and let it linger a moment, because it’s a whopper. That is also the reason that owning a home business can be such a rewarding thing to do. Imagine yourself, never having to worry about bills, or unexpected expenses, but instead living, and eating ,and vacationing as you want, when you want,and where you want. It’s a wonderful vision, but what could be the icing on the cake? Well, how about knowing that your money to live that way, comes from helping other people achieve the same results. Could it get any better?

There’s a great book that everyone should read called ,”Why We Want You To Be Rich” co-authored by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, that details everything I’m saying, and more. Not only do they say that it is possible to become wealthy through Internet/home business, but claim as I do, that it’s the single biggest source for most people to do so. The book is title “Why We Want You To Be Rich”, because the most important thing they address is, that far too many people are filling out the lower income levels in society, while fewer and fewer are taking up the top notch. This is not only unnecessary, but it’s down right damaging to society as a whole. There are many studies out there finding the middle class disappearing ,while the lower income jobs increase. This is not because there’s less money to be made. It just that there is fewer people making the money. But it doesn’t need to be the case. In one of my other articles (which are all available on my blog) I point out that most people let someone, or something, (like a company) dictate the majority of there lives. Well, in the past, this made more sense ,as jobs with good pay and benefits were much more readily available. Now, however, I believe, Wal-Mart is the biggest employer in the states. And in case you didn’t know, Wal-Mart does not pay well.

Where does all this lead? Well, I’d have to say it doesn’t have to lead anywhere. It just points out, that there is a choice.

At this point you must ask yourself two questions, first is, “When I imagine myself financially free is that something I’m willing to pursue? That’s usually easy. It’s the second question that is the kicker. ” Am I willing to do whatever it takes!

I like to keep in mind that the universe, as best we can tell is, infinite. This says to me, at least metaphorically, that there’s infinite potential out there. Something else I like to keep in mind is that being financially free does not mean having billions or trillions of dollars. It’s a concept ,not a number. In fact, some people might find themselves financially free with just $1 million dollars. It all depends on what you want,and what you need, being met without any major stress, and there can be no doubt that there is billions of dollars out there to be made. It’s simply a matter of becoming committed to making it work, and that is both the hardest and easiest thing in the world. to achieve that goal?” Now, I must throw in at this point that it NEVER means doing anything unethical or illegal, NEVER. Regardless of your personal beliefs, everybody can agree that something like karma exists, or what you sow you reap, meaning if you know what your doing is wrong in some way, it will only lead to undesired results. If ,however, you can answer those questions with a “Yes I am willing to pursue that goal and am willing to whatever it takes”, then let me welcome you to the path of wealth and abundance. In fact I’d be happy to help guide you on your journey or at least to answer any questions on how to get started.

Sincerely Lucas Trottier

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