What’s The Difference Between Marketing & Selling In Networking?

You don’t have to sell in your network marketing before you can become successful. I have seen people who don’t know how to sell made millionaires in network marketing simply because they know how to do something that most people who sell don’t know.

What do they do? You ask. Well, they market. Are you surprised? That marketing does not equate selling? Let me explain.

Selling on its own is an art that most sales people have been trained and mastered and can be used to retail products in your company’s MLM. However, you don’t have to be a trained personnel to be successful. In fact you can be more successful than most sales professionals if you know how to do one thing different. If you try to sell without being trained, you will fail.

Contrarily, I have seen ordinary people who know how to market outsell trained sales people. Where a sales person makes a thousand dollars in commission, the marketer makes five times over in commissions. Interestingly, anyone can be a marketer.

No doubt you are having a serious thought about the difference between these two terms, marketing and selling since they are used interchangeably most times. From my research, I was able to dig out the difference. Here it goes.

Selling is the science of getting a customer to purchase a product or services without minding the customers need for the product you are supplying.

Marketing on the other hand is, building a relationship with someone with the aim of finding out the true needs of that person and supplying products that fulfill those needs.

In other words, marketing builds credibility and gives the customer more satisfaction simply because his true needs are met. This is a factor selling does not accomplish.

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