What is PTSD?

Often taking up a career as a journalist can come with few trials and tribulations. In many cases however people think that once the working day finishes it’s all over and you can go home, for many people this isn’t the case. Working in a war zone can often be a part of a job in journalism but just as traumatic can be working on your local police round, either way for people who are forced into traumatic situations they can often come out with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. This disorder can have a drastic impact on the life of people who are affected by it and can take years before it begins to heal properly.

Small or large, any event can leave a person with PTSD from attending a simple local accident to being in a fully fledged war zone. To deal with many of these situations companies often employ counselors to help their staff after they have witnessed a particularly traumatic event, this can include the death of a colleague or even of a family member.

The symptoms of PTSD are not always easy to see and for that reason they can often be incredibly difficult to diagnose. After returning from a traumatic area many people would act as normal it would only be after a few weeks that you may notice a slight change in their personality or attitude which could signify that they are still suffering from what they have seen.

When it comes to looking after journalists the DART Centre is a foundation that has been set up to specifically help rehabilitate any journalists that are returning from a particularly traumatic experience, usually in a war zone. This Centre provides a range of guidance counselors for the journalists who can help them quickly put their life back on track.

Offering guidance counselors and various other support networks, this Centre brings together any journalists that may be exhibiting long term side effects from their work and aims to integrate them back into society so they can lead as normal a life as possible. For many people it can take years before any real progress is made, depending on how severe their symptoms are.

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