Use Safe Cooking this Holliday Season

As the Holiday season envelopes the nation’s capital in cheery decorations and splendor, residence of the District of Columbia eagerly await the delicious home cooked meals that often are a main component of the Holiday season. Families gather around the dinner table together to give thanks for their bounty and to enjoy, even if for just one or two days out of the year if the in-laws are in town, the company of each other.

Those people living in the District of Columbia metropolitan area are part of this group of people who rarely face such a natural disaster as Sandy and who may be lost in what to do to prevent damage to their homes in the future and how to clean up current damages incurred through this violent storm.

Firstly, it is important to understand that a fire in the home in more likely to begin in the kitchen than in any other room of the house. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of all house fires throughout the nation every year due to the presence of multiple appliances and cooking equipment that produce high levels of heat.

While this damage from water increases the longer a certain item is exposed to the water, even the brief introduction of foreign water to some items such as electronics and delicate fabrics can be extremely damaging. The best way to combat this is by being prepared with prevention efforts in the home that will limit the amount of water that intrudes into the home during a severe storm.

Even small kitchen fires can cause extensive fire damage in D.C. by introducing toxic and degrading smoke into the house coupled with the damage incurred through scorching from flame. Because the Holiday season usually means more time is spent within the kitchen in order to prepare the turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and other delicious things commonly found at a holiday meal, the risk of causing a kitchen fire during this time is greater than at other times of the year.

Obviously, the rain is going to be a major force for disaster as well. As rain piles down and then stacks up on the ground, it can easily trigger flooding, doing untold damage to the area it impacts. The waves generated by hurricanes are also quite destructive. They have an unimaginable amount of force and inertia behind them as they smash into the shorelines, easily leveling buildings which are in their ways and surging farther inland.

Never leave the kitchen with the stove on if possible. If a food item is being simmered, baked, boiled or roasted, a person should at least stay within the home and set timers to remind themselves that they are cooking something.

Once a resident in D.C. has sufficiently prepared for future storms or emergencies in which water damage could be incurred, it is important to understand what to do when dealing with water damage in a D.C. home that is already present.

By remaining alter and, most importantly, present during the holiday cooking process this year, a family in D.C. will be able to enjoy a safe and fire damage free holiday season.

BELFOR is a innovator in disaster renovation and property renovation and repair. We can help with fire, storm, water or even mold damage, as well as granting services such as duct cleaning, emergency power, etc.

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