Empowering a New Generation of Humanitarians

by Gayle Etcheverry

Whitney Houston sang the words, “I believe the children are our future” and most adults would probably agree that she’s correct. However, there are children today who are taking actions to create a better future. The kids from RandomKid.org ask the question, “Why wait until we are adults when we can do so much for humanity now?” They are always coming up with new brilliant ways to ‘be the change’ they want to see in the world. Now, us adults can help these Random Kids make more of their dreams come true.

The idea for RandomKid began when Talia Leman (who was then 10 years old – and their current CEO) decided she wanted to raise one million dollars to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf region of the US. With the help of children in other schools, they raised $4 million dollars in 4 months! This inspired them to keep the momentum going and up until today they’ve raised more money for other causes with children across the entire 50 states in the US and in many other countries as well.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of their group. Talia and the gang at RandomKid have a motto they stand by as the “Power of ANY One” and encourage schools, youth groups, instructors or anyone else who would be interested in participating to contact them.

These days, more and more schools & students want to take action to help in humanitarian causes. This news tells RandomKid that their services are in dire need. Most parents, teachers and group leaders are not capable of putting together programs for their youth to participate in, no do they have the time. RandomKid is the perfect place for kids alike to stretch their social skills and be a strong help within their community.

Presently, there are 110 schools (which equals 33,000 students) ready and waiting to get involved with a project through RandomKid. The task at hand is to find new funding because RandomKid has maxed out their current capacity.

To take her company to the next level, 13 year-old Talia is searching for new capital and new ventures. She will gladly provide a prospectus to any interested and serious investor. And, Talia is one adolescent who has a history for bringing vast returns on her investments!

Back in 2006, Talia was granted the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes – a financial gift of $2000 for her work as a Great Humanitarian. Gratefully, she decided to take her award and reinvested it into a new business idea. The idea was to sell key chains to raise more money to build more new homes for those left homeless in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Her investment bloomed into $50,000 – not a bad return!

Talia didn’t stop there – she reinvested the original $2000 and put it into kids’ bottled water businesses and turned that into over 40,000 bottles of water sold and a new well that brings clean safe water to a community of 2500 people in South Africa.

Recently, RandomKid received some exciting news that Talia is being rewarded with what’s termed the “Nobel Peace Prize for Children” from the company WorldOfChildren.org. In previous years, children from countries all over the world have been given this prestigious award, and Talia is honored to be in their group.

I invite you to learn more about RandomKid.org and spread the word on their passion in service to humanity. As Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Talia, you are a shining example of this quote coming to life.

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