Please Give Your Neighbor a Hand Up. Help Your Less Fortunate Brother or Sister

by Gary Pearson

Have you ever wondered at the general unfairness of the world? Why it is that some have so much while others have so little? Why it is that a large portion of the world’s wealth is controlled by so small a percentage of the population, and those who are most in need are so rarely among those numbers?

There are numerous children in the world who suffer from developmental disorders and are not able to lead a normal life which they deserve. Most of them are not given a chance because their family is not financially strong enough to give them the support which is required.

Without these opportunities their chances of becoming independent, self-sufficient adults are greatly diminished; however, without the necessary funds these opportunities will remain forever closed to them. There are many who do not realize just how desperate their plight is; their families struggle through low wage jobs with minimal health insurance benefits in an effort to see that their basic needs are met, and often fall into bed and shed exhausted tears at the end of the night from the effort and frustration required just to get by.

Many professional organizations have begun to recognize the needs of these families and have given generously of their time and resources in order to aid organizations such as the March of Dimes and the Special Olympics in providing these children with the help they need. Many professional sporting organizations are included in these numbers, particularly professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey players. They gladly donate their time to help inspire these children, as well as assorted memorabilia (game balls, jerseys, caps, etc.) for auction in an effort to raise much needed funds.

This does not only need professional athletes who can donate a five thousand dollar jersey but you can also do something about it. You can follow the path made by them to do something for these children. Give some of your time as well as donate NFL memorabilia to groups like Goodwill. This will help families get what they always wanted, an opportunity and a choice to carve a dazzling future for themselves.

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