A Few Check Fraud Prevention Tips To Examine Bank Credits

Today, there are several ways to give and get money through banks, and one common way in withdrawing is through bank checks. A small paper that does a valuable thing when it comes to financial support because of its ability to contain an insane amount of cash. As a result, criminals create a lot of scams to make money out of this paper and transform it into cash.

There have been plenty of recorded cases that involves fake check being cashed out through various financial establishments. Other victims include innocent clients that bought checks for a particular price thinking that the document was legal. Since then, banks have been meticulous on handling this documents, and fraud specialists present several check fraud prevention tips on the internet to spread awareness to the majority.

The first thing to consider when handling the said item is to examine its security features built inside the item itself. Search for the bank provided watermark, usually a logo on the piece of paper. The marks are designed to be viewed from a certain angle so scammers cannot duplicate the material when using photocopiers and scanners.

Look for the pantograph symbol if there are any indications of void, copy, or invalid. These pantographs are used to eliminate the chances of illegally duplicating bank documents. Normally they are invisible to the human eye, but becomes visible when the said note is copied, indicating either one of the three words mentioned.

Ask for signs of warning bands whenever you are handling checks, banks have this protection feature to alert their system for any dubious activity. Financial establishments lose billions of cash almost every year because of spammers and undocumented transactions. This warning band gives a hint about the credibility of the dealer, it means transactions from a certain warning banded owners are questionable.

Explore for a flawed figure of printed data on the laid lines. This line are intended to be uneven allowing it to be troublesome for criminals to cut and glue data into that space. The greater part of the data will be printed flawlessly on this lines when lawful recorded, so it is encouraged to be enthusiastic about checking these points of interest.

Checks are often printed on special papers with added sensitivity when in contact with a chemical substance. Unlawful individuals may utilize chemical substances to remove information such as dates and digits to appear new. These objects have a built in a feature similar to a pantograph, it shows a void word when chemicals are used to for the handlers to be vigilant.

Others banks produce a different kind of paper that has a prismatic background. This background shows different hues when in contact with light, which is impossible to duplicate on a photocopying machine. Normally, this prints may appear on a particular check area or on the entire check.

Find the micro prints printed on the bank check, these are characters that are printed too small. Making a copy of it will make the micro prints look like a single line as photocopiers are not able to print micro characters. This is the reason why some of the staffs in banks own a magnifying glass, as it will consume time to examine with the human eye, and it will indicate if the document is legal or not.

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