Closing A New Or Used Car Sale

by Mak

There are several important factors to take into consideration when closing a sale with a customer who is purchasing a new or used vehicle. I believe that the close of the sale is the most crucial time of the sale that can make or break a transaction. However, your first approach with the customer is equally important and could very well be the begining of the end.

Once you have gathered your customers needs and determined what type of vehicle best suits them, the beginning of the test drive is also an important time that will eventually lead to the close of the transaction. When preparing for a test drive, have the customer sit in the passenger seat and the rear passenger area if applicable to husband and wife or family shoppers. Once the customer has sat in the appropriate passenger area, politely close the door and then get into the drivers seat. Once you have pulled onto the roadway, explain the vehicles performance and try to capitalize on areas that the customer is interested in.

Once you have taken the customer for a test drive on a road that you have chosen, stop somewhere like in a parking lot and let the customer take the wheel for the ride back to the dealership. Just prior to the customer taking the wheel, be sure to emphasize on areas that interest the customer like performance, safety, horsepower, etc.

Upon your return to the lot, park the vehicle in a position designed for delivery. This spot is usually placed to allow the customer to see the vehicle throughout the sale, and re iterates how close they are to owning it for themselves! This also makes it a bit harder for them to feel comfortable just walking away at the end of the drive.

Upon re entering the showroom, escort your customer as you would a revered member of your family! You want them to feel they are the most important person in the room. Offer them comfort and refreshment, if the process takes longer than they expect, keeping them content is of utter importance! Try your best to not stay away long if you must walk away, leaving less time for second thoughts on their part.

Before you begin discussing numbers, have all of your necessary forms and paperwork ready and available. A good sense of organization also makes it harder for the customer to have a sense of them being in control of the situation. Also have a standby closer or backup salesperson on standby, in the event that the customer becomes too difficult to negotiate with on your own, or you have to leave for any reason. Always present yourself as their friend, the civilized guardian between them and the sales manager. Give them a sense of you being on their side to help them reach the best price.

When making notations of numbers while speaking with your sales manager, make sure to keep it legible! This customer deserves your taking enough time in the process to keep things neat.If your penmanship is sloppy, they may feel as though they will get a sloppy deal.

When discussing numbers with your customer, you want them to feel as though they have negotiated the best deal possible, the more they feel they have controlled the price they pay, the happier they will be at the end. To accomplish this, make sure to leave yoruself room for negotiation! If your sales manager offers 4000 for their trade, tell them 3000 and allow them to take the opportunity to haggle for a better offer! This practice can apply to the down payments as well, if the manager states 2000 down, offer them 4000. If the customer feels as though they have saved alot in the deal, you are more likely to have a successful close to the sale.

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