Customer Tips For Auto Sales Professionals

by Mak

The last thing someone want to do is go buy a new vehicle at a dealership, armed with the fear of too-aggresive sales people, over priced assorted products, and out-of-reach financing.Make the atmosphere comfortable and pleasant for your customers.

So what is the key? How do you make your customer comfortable and happy? Well, for starters, there should never be a look of desperation. People can sense when you are just trying to make a sale and it devalues their experience. Sales incentives and bonuses should not be the driving force behind a sale.

A first impression of the salesperson is a lasting impression. Ask yourself, are you well groomed from head to toe-neatly dressed with professional attire? You need to be clean, professional and well groomed with neat hair and face. for men recently shaved, and women-natural makeup-not too much.

Know your stuff – a customer should never hear \”I’m not sure\”, or \”Sorry that was the wrong information\”. They will start to consider that they are not getting the best deal and will go somewhere else. Short of very specific custom deals or special financing that only a manager can handle, you should be able to answer any question given to you.

Are you on time? Don’t run late and make your customers wait-they will lose patience and go elsewhere-make them happy and let them know if you are running late and offer refreshments, and a comfortable waiting area. Keep them happy, keep your word, and reschedule if necessary.

Are you offereing your clients choices? Don’t concstantly reject your clients choices with no,no,no-offer an alternate choice to their decisions to save the sale. Divert their interest and offer alternative choices with an explanation showing the benfits of their new choices.

Customers are saavy and more knowlegable these days with increased internet usage and more competition, and complicated economic times. Your sales will influence whether your company can stay in business, so remember every customer counts, and every sale counts towards the bottom line.

Are you giving your clients the best car buying experience available? Keep your clients happy, make the sale,make your money also, and keep your company profitable-a win win situation for all. You, your team and your clients will gain benefits.

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