How Web Conferences Can Improve Sales

Whether your goal is to build a house or a reputation, you can own all of the tools in the world necessary to accomplish these, but it would still not guarantee success. The difference between success and failure is how you use the tools. Therefore, a blueprint of sorts is required.

With technology having evolved to the point where it is at today, web conferences now offer a great alternative to traditional, large- or small-group seminars. With software and hardware costs as low as they are, it barely makes much sense to get into your car and drive to the airport or even the local conference center… nor does it make sense to allow your prospects and employees to do so.

In case you are wondering about just how popular web conferences have become, take a look at September’s Business Week where they outline how some Fortune 500 companies are equipping their web conference rooms with equipment and software costing upwards of $300,000. And, for added reinforcement, peruse the Ipsos website and find their survey that shows web conferences growing from 2% usage last year to well over 15% in five years — that’s an increase of 7.5 times! Now, getting back to the technology, you don’t have to spend six-figures to enjoy this benefit — try as low as $25 per month for the market-leader’s alternative.

However, a webinar alone does not “do” anything. Look at it as a seed. You have to plant that seed, water it, nurture it. With a webinar, you need to invite attendees but once everyone shows up you have to give them something. Internally, this is easy. Host a training seminar or new product roll-out. Often, it makes sense to use free trial periods this way so that when you pursue prospects, you will have developed some sort of expertise with the software. For external customers, watching that seed grow to the point where it bears fruit is much less easy.

With some smart planning, the web conference will be a success. Putting some clear thought into your marketing and message will help a great deal. For example, target as tight an audience as possible; don’t invite anybody and everybody. If you are looking to increase your client list, target non-clients (I know, it sounds obvious) who, if you can determine this, are qualified to be your clients.

With these pointers in mind, you should provide a “value-add” purpose for your webinar. For example, a sales pitch webinar by a plumber might come with an invitation to “Sign up for our webinar to learn about the most-common mistakes amateurs make and how to fix them.” When the prospects join your webinar, be sure to illustrate the problems but emphasize that a professional, qualified like you can and will fix such mistakes before they result in costly damages. Again, this is merely an illustration that you can adapt to your specific industry.

Regardless of how you wish to use a web conference, the technology is now cheap enough and good enough that you can achieve greater sales growth and eliminate a lot of expenses by using this method of targeted, mass communication. Not only will you solidify existing relationships with customers and employees, but will dazzle prospects.

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