The Importance of Sales Training

Training is a critical part of any industry. There are always new technologies, products, processes and opportunities coming on the scene, so we all need to be trained on the right way to leverage these for the advantage of our teams. You cannot put down the price that a good sales training programme can bring to your business.

There are a number of kinds of training. There are events backed by associations, training corporations, industry sellers, publications, suppliers, and such like. They can have different goals, agendas and structure and be anything from 1 or 2 hour sessions to a multi-day comprehensive workshop, conference or peak.

Since these can vary widely , I wanted to share my thoughts and revelations about a few of these offerings. You have to judge your needs and expectancies in order to define if your time is well spent at the prepared session. A vendor-sponsored event can offer general information and might come along with product info, as well , about the sponsoring company’s offerings. Vendors have a vested interest in your success. What you may want to avoid, though, is an obvious infomercial that is 90% commercial and 10% information.

When it comes to sponsor-hosted events, you need to dig into what's driving the sponsors to host the event, so that you can enter into it with your eyes open and with practical expectations of what you'll achieve.

Five Things You Must Consider when Deciding to Attend a Training Event

1. Who is sponsoring or arranging the event? Is it a vendor or is it a consultant or tutor?
2. What are the instructor’s testimonials and experience level?
3. Why are they hosting the training event?
4. What is the cost of the event? (registration, travel and hotel expense)
5. Do they offer testimonials from past attendees?

Now let's take a look at these items:

Who is sponsoring the event?

For vendor-sponsored events, the scale of the seller and their resources will probably identify the quality of the event. Most vendors need their clientele to achieve success in business so their goal is to add worth at these events. Vendors usually take a proactive approach to teaching their dealers to ensure retention.

Who is the speaker or instructor?

Is it someone from our industry with a solid past record of success? Anybody can read from a PowerPoint presentation, but what you truly want to search for is street credibility. Do they walk the talk?

Find out why they are hosting the event. Are they attempting to keep their present clients happy and successful? If it's a expert or trainer, is it a free event to plug other products and services or are they earning profits from the event? Remember, you get what you pay for. Therefore when you go to a “Free” workshop, be totally certain you get something out of it but do not expect to learn the “secret formula” that turns you into a superb sales ninja.

Then research what your requirements are for training. If you are searching for some basic ideas, some direction, and best practices, then bankrolled or free workshops could be the right sort of place for you. However if you want a major program to make massive improvements your Internet sales, for example, then you could need something all-encompassing.

Testimonials are also vital, whether or not you are attending for free or are budgeting $10,000 for an event. Your time is worth something so find out what others have said about these events. Ask for testimonials, or see if there are video testimonials available, or at a minimum references you can contact about past events.

Look for all the quality training it is possible to get, and then act on what you learn. As in soccer, the coach can show you the play, but if you do not run the play you won't attain your target.

Mike Bradley is a stress management expert who does nlp training.

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