The perfect business printing and communications company is there

There are ways to find the perfect company to meet your business’s printing requirements when other companies can’t. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the business-printing company that truly is the best.

With so many digital-printing companies vying for your business-printing needs – and each company touting itself as “the best” and “state-of-the art” – is it possible to find the business-printing provider that really is the best? The company that is truly the next generation of business printing?

Yes. It’s actually quite possible to find the perfect company to meet your business’s requirements when other companies can’t – whether it be offset or digital printing, posters, convention printing, trade show printing, poster printing, banner printing, high-volume copying, design, binding, or whatever your specific needs are.

First is finding an established company. Because the Internet has made starting a business as easy as registering a domain name, it’s difficult to tell which companies are solid, and which are flashes in the pan. Choosing a business that’s been around a while will eliminate dealing with here-today-gone-tomorrow businesses.

Next, make sure the company you choose can help in all of the digital-communication areas, because digital communication takes many forms, not just printing. Make sure the company you choose offers diverse printing and communication services – like both offset and digital printing – so you can be sure they have the technology to fit your needs, instead of making your needs fit into their technology.

Equally important is making sure that regardless of the technology used, the company’s mission is all about you, the customer, so that your job is done your way and you are treated as a partner. That includes finding a company that offers various levels of service, so there’s something for everyone. Some customers prefer to use automated sales options, with instant price quotes and online file uploading, so transactions can be done with a few clicks of the computer mouse 24/7. Other customers are more comfortable with personalized full-service and custom quoting. This is an option for customers who prefer dealing with a human being and being led through the printing-order process step-by-step.

And because being a full-service communication provider isn’t just about printing anymore, choose a company on the cutting edge of technology that continues to grow and offers additional services like variable data printing (personalized printing), video production, OCR scanning and archiving of documents for fine arts, DVD replication or wide format poster printing and banner printing and more.

And consider this: According to the Institute of Sustainable Communications, the paper industry is the largest user of water and the fourth largest user of electricity in the world. So make your decision a responsible one by choosing a “green” printing and communications company that uses environmentally responsible eco-friendly inks, recycled papers and electronic document delivery whenever possible. Even in a small way, these steps can benefit the planet and energy consumption.

NextGeneration Printing, Copying & Digital Communication, the leading fast-turnaround offset and digital print provider, is one of these companies. When it selected the name NextGeneration, it knew the company would always have to be on the cutting edge of the printing and communication industries. NextGeneration has been chosen to produce critical and time-sensitive printed materials by companies in England, Germany, France, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, Barbados, not to mention almost all U.S. states, and many more.

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